Remember: "Eye-Witnesses"

Randy Christian

Peter is one of the few—those remaining who were eye-witnesses of the ministry of Jesus.  He claims the authority of one in this position, but also lets himself revel in the memory.  Then he reminds the church of the nature of God’s words, where they come from, and why they should be listened to.

REMEMBER - Eye-Witnesses study guide

Remember: "Don't Trip"

Randy Christian

Peter knows his end is near, so he reminds the followers of Christ that there are eight qualities they can supply themselves, which will build their faith and relationship to Jesus.  By supplying themselves with these things, they can avoid stumbling in their life—and faith.

REMEMBER - Don’t Trip study guide

Remember: "Everything We Need"

Randy Christian

The Apostle introduces himself and his letter by reminding Christians that we have been given everything we need to live—and to live loyally to the King.  The prophets and the Apostles have given us insight into this life—and Peter insures we remember.

REMEMBER - Everything We Need study guide

Faith is Life: "Intensely Faithful"

Randy Christian

1 Peter 4:1-19

At NOCC we have a Mission statement:  We exist to facilitate a passionate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, leading to lifelong discipleship.  “Passion” looks different in different situations, and for different people.  But there is always a fervency—an intensity—that shows itself in our love for the Lord and for others.

FAITH IS LIFE - Intensely Faithful study guide

Faith is Life: "Faithful Relationships"

Randy Christian

1 Peter 3:1-22

The faithful live in relationships just as others do.  But the way we live in those relationships is different.  Those of us who follow Jesus have very clear instructions as to what that looks like, whether we are interacting with the world in general, or in the most intimate of relationships.

FAITH IS LIFE - Faithful Relationships study guide

Faith is Life: "Faithful in the World"

Randy Christian

1 Peter 2:13-25

We are not of this world, but we are in it.  We live in this world, we interact with it—in fact we are sent here to represent Jesus to the world.  But the way we respond to the world is based on who we are, not how we feel about the world.  Whether people in authority or just people, we relate to them as Jesus does.

FAITH IS LIFE - Faithful in the World study guide

Faith is Life: "The Identity of the Faithful"

Randy Christian

1 Peter 2:1-12

The one who follows Jesus has to change his or her identity.  We can no longer align ourselves with different groups of people in the world.  Instead, we need to understand ourselves as God does, and live accordingly.

FAITH IS LIFE - The Identity of the Faithful study guide

YOLO: One Church

March 24, 2013Randy Christian

We have many churches, many structures, many different ways of doing things today. But does this help us live our lives faithfully? The fact is, there is only one Church, and Peter is not silent about how it is to be led and what it is to do! Regardless of our opinions or preferences, the Holy Spirit has a plan for our lives as part of the One Church.

Una Iglesia
Tenemos muchas iglesias, muchas estructuras, muchas maneras diferentes de hacer cosas hoy. ¿Pero esto nos ayuda a vivir nuestras vidas fielmente? ¡El hecho es, hay solo una Iglesia, y Pedro no es silencio acerca de cómo debe ser conducida y lo que debe hacer! Independientemente de nuestras opiniones o preferencias, el Espíritu Santo tiene un plan para nuestras vidas como parte de Una Iglesia.

YOLO: A New One

March 10, 2013Randy Christian

If we only live once, we can’t afford to blow it! But we do. So, what happens when we need to change? How do we become new? Peter experienced this and through him the Holy Spirit tells us how we can become new.

Una Nueva
¡Si sólo vivimos una vez, no podemos cometer errores! Pero lo hacemos. ¿Entonces, qué pasa cuando necesitamos cambiar? ¿Cómo nos convertimos en nuevas personas? Pedro experimento esto y a través de él el Espíritu Santo nos dice cómo podemos llegar a ser nuevas personas.

YOLO: One Reward

March 3, 2013Randy Christian

If we do our best, we’ll do well, right? If we do nothing wrong, we won’t suffer, right? Well, that’s how it is supposed to work anyway. Of course, Jesus did no wrong-and suffered greatly. Jesus did well, and in the world’s eyes at least, things went very wrong. So, is there really no reward for living life well? There is, but not necessarily what we think. In reality, there is only one real reward.

Una Recompensa
¿Si hacemos nuestro mayor esfuerzo, nos irá bien, cierto? ¿ Si no hacemos nada malo, no sufrimos, cierto? Bueno, eso así cómo se supone que deberían de ser las cosas. Por supuesto, Jesús no hizo nada malo y sufrió mucho. Jesús hizo el bien, y por lo menos ante los ojos del mundo, las cosas salieron muy mal. ¿Entonces, no existe realmente ninguna recompensa por vive una buena vida? La hay, pero no necesariamente de la manera en que esperamos. En realidad, solo hay una verdadera recompensa.

YOLO: One Flesh

February 24, 2013Randy Christian

For most people, marriage is a defining part of their life. Certainly it could be said that our decision to marry or not is one of our biggest decisions in life. And when we do marry, how will we live together? The Bible says the two become one flesh. How do we do that? A married man, Peter didn’t just speak from his own experience-he gave us the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps one of the biggest needs of people in our society is how to live as one flesh.

Una Sola Carne
Para la mayoría de personas, el matrimonio es algo muy crucial en sus vidas. Ciertamente se podría decir que la decisión de casarse o no es una de las decisiones mas grandes en la vida. Y cuando se casan, ¿cómo vivirán juntos? La Biblia dice que los dos se hacen una sola carne. ¿Cómo hacemos eso? Peter, un hombre casado, no sólo hablaba por su propia experiencia, nos dio una guía por medio del Espíritu Santo. Quizás una de las mayores necesidades de la gente en nuestra sociedad es aprender a cómo vivir como una sola carne.

YOLO: One Holiness

January 27, 2013Randy Christian

Peter is a saint, but not how or why most of the world thinks he is. “Saintly” is a synonym for holy. And the common view of holiness is based on worldly values and beliefs. Peter knew better, and we can too. There is only one holiness and it isn’t reserved for “special” people (because there are none!). Sainthood is for you!

Pedro es un santo, pero no cómo o por qué la mayor parte del mundo cree que es. “Piadoso” es un sinónimo de santo. Y la opinión común de la santidad se basa en los valores del mundo y creencias. Pedro entendía esto y nosotros también podemos. Solo hay una santidad y no esta reservada para personas “especiales” (por que no hay). La santidad es para ti!

YOLO: One Hope

January 20, 2013Randy Christian

Like many of us, Peter lost hope when his expectations weren’t fulfilled. He lived in despair-but only for a short time, because God showed him what his hope is really rooted in. We need that hope too, but there is only one hope. The good news is, it is ours for the taking. Got hope?

Como muchos de nosotros, Pedro perdíó la esperanza cuando sus expectativas no se cumplieron. Vivió en la desesperanza-pero solo por poco tiempo, por que Dios le mostró en lo que su esperanza estaba sujetada en realidad. También nosotros necesitamos esa esperanza, pero solo hay una esperanza. Las buenas noticias son que es nuestra para tomarla. Tiene esperanza?

YOLO: One Peter

January 13, 2013Randy Christian

Whether you know him as Peter, Simon, Cephas or “Rocky”, there is one Peter known world-wide. As famous as he has become, he started off as a common, boisterous loud mouth. Yet he became one of the most respected men in history. Join us as we begin a study of his take on living life-given to us in his own words.


June 10, 2012Randy Christian

Most of us like the idea of being forgiven. But forgiving is another thing. It can be really hard to forgive. But Jesus said some pretty strong things about forgiveness. In this story we learn why forgiveness is mandatory for those of us who belong to the Lord—and how to make that happen.