What's Going On? - Perspective

Randy Christian

God promises several times in The Word that He will never give us more than we can handle, and that all things occur for the good. How, then, can we rationalize these facts when we face terrors such as cancer, war, death, and loss? It all boils down to perspective. We are humans, and, thus, we cannot see all that is happening or will happen. God is the only omnipresent being with the divine perspective. He knows all and sees all. This week, let us take the back seat and look at our lives through God’s perspective.

WHAT'S GOING ON? - Perspective Study Guide

MYTHBUSTERS: The Good Person

April 28, 2013Randy Christian

Why do bad things happen to good people? How could God judge good people just because they don’t follow Jesus? The question presumes a fact not in evidence-that there are good people. Of course we all know people who seem to be not only good, but great! Yet Jesus said something very different about people, leaving us to understand something: Are there good people, or is that a myth?

La Buena Persona
¿Por qué suceden cosas malas a la gente buena? ¿Cómo podría Dios juzgar buena gente sólo porque ellos no siguen a Jesús? La pregunta presupone un hecho no en pruebas, que hay gente buena. Por supuesto todos sabemos quienes parecen no sólo buenos, pero grandioso! ¿Pero Jesús dijo algo muy diferente sobre personas, dejándonos entender algo: hay gente buena, o solo es un mito?


December 2, 2012Randy Christian

Who begat who-or is it whom? One of the more mind-numbing sections of scripture are the genealogies-the documentation of family lineages. Why did the Holy Spirit preserve such passages as these in scripture? And what does this passage have to do with Jesus? Join us as we explore Jesus’ family tree and learn why it is important to us.

Does God Really Care...About People Suffering?

May 17, 2009Randy Christian

Does God really care what happens to people in the world? How could he, if he allows the suffering we see and hear about? War, disease, poverty, crime, disaster—it seems our lives are filled with ways to make us miserable. Then there is eternity. Eternal suffering. Is it real? If so, how can we believe God really cares?


January 18, 2009
Randy Christian

(Galatians 1:1-5)

Could a people half way around the world and 2000 years older than us have anything in common with us? We both want and need freedom—and we both need to understand what we really need to be freed from, and who can free us. Join us as we meet these people and learn of the freedom they experienced.