REAL PEOPLE FEEL: Frustration and Anger

November 20, 2011Randy Christian

Everyone experiences anger, but not everyone understands where it comes from. Anger is a secondary emotion which means it stems from another source. Fear, Pain or Frustration can all lead to anger, and we all experience each one of them! So how do we deal with our anger and frustration? Join us as we find the answers in the scriptures!


November 13, 2011Randy Christian

Like fear, pain comes in all sizes and can pop up at the most inconvenient times. It can annoy us or immobilize us. It can come from impersonal forces or from places very close. It can be physical, emotional, relational or spiritual. And like fear, it can be conquered and even made to serve God’s purposes. How can followers of Jesus faithfully handle pain? Join us as we look into the Word of God for the answers!