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The Culture of Christ: "We Love"

Randy Christian

Jesus said people would know we belong to Him because of our love for one another.  Understandable when you remember that John said the very nature of God is love.  Of course, that bets a question.  What love?  Whose definition of love?  What exactly are we commanded to do?  Whether our spouse, a neighbor, a friend or an enemy, this commands pretty much covers how we respond to everyone, so it is important for us to understand what Christians do when we say “we love”.

THE CULTURE OF CHRIST - We Love study guide

What's Going On? - Aftermath

Randy Christian

It’s extremely important how we behave after this election. To the Lord, to others, and to us. In fact, how we behave is either an act of worship to the Lord or an act of refusal to worship him. What’s the difference? We’ll explore that this week as we worship together and look at the “Aftermath”.

WHAT'S GOING ON? - Aftermath Study Guide

The Irrational God - Success

Stephen Ulangca

Anywhere in the world you will see people striving to be great. More money, more power, more influence, more fame—all more than others. These are the things we believe make people great. Even the greatness of churches are measured by whether they have more people, more buildings or more money than others. But Jesus said this was the world’s approach, not his. Instead, if we are to be great, we have to become the servant of everyone.

The Irrational God - Success Study Guide

Jesus' Humanity

January 24, 2016
Randy Christian
Jesus is 100% God. Jesus is 100% Human. And in him, there is no contradiction in that formula. His humanity is not an accident, but the result of a very intentional strategy. Learn the reasons God became human and how they help us understand him as we look at Jesus’ humanity.

POP MUSIC: He is God

August 18, 2013Edmund Brooks

God is God. He is who He is. He makes the rules and does what He wants to do. So what does He want to do? How does that relate to us and what should we do in response? The music of the Psalms celebrates God’s sovereignty.

YOLO: One Trial

March 17, 2013Randy Christian

Living in a fallen world, we all have problems. In fact, many of us-maybe even most of us-have big problems. These experiences can be like a trial, showing who we are by how we respond. Making the most of life isn’t about avoiding these trials-it’s about living them! In the long run, all these experiences are the same, there is only one trial!

Una Prueba
Viviendo en un mundo caído, todos tenemos problemas. De hecho, muchos de nosotros, tal vez la mayoría de nosotros – tenemos grandes problemas. Estas experiencias pueden ser como una prueba, demostrando quienes somos por cómo respondemos. ¡Hacer lo mas de la vida no se trata de evitar estas pruebas, se trata de vivirlas! A la larga, todas experiencias son iguales, hay sólo una prueba!

The Heart of NOCC: What Drives Us?

September 11, 2011Randy Christian

North Orange Christian Church exists to facilitate a passionate personal relationship with Jesus Christ, leading to lifelong discipleship. So? What does this mean? What does it mean to YOU? Is this really what the Bible says we are about to be about in the church?

To Believe And Live: Are You Leaving Too?

April 11, 2010Randy Christian

What makes people follow Jesus? What makes them turn their back on him? Sometimes the answer is Jesus himself. His teachings, his statements, his demands on our lives—all these can be reasons for people to turn away from Him. But we don’t have to be one of those people.