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New: "New Destination"

Edmund Brooks

Many of us have goals in life. Whether it is to graduate high school, land your dream job, or retire comfortably, everyone has a goal “destination” in sight. But when you come to Christ, you are given a new destination and a new means to get there.

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New: "New Playbook"

Edmund Brooks

The world we live in has rules, societal norms, and its own set of morals. Our entire lives we are taught to live by these rules. But when you become a Christian, you are told to live by a different set of rules. These rules are established and governed by God Himself.

NEW - New Playbook study guide

Epicenter: Our Core Values

September 20, 2009Randy Christian

The way we fulfill the mission Jesus gave us is as important as the mission. There are things which are important to the Lord—so they have to be important to us. These values are at the core of who we are and everything we do. What are they, and how do they affect our mission?