Mission Emphasis: What Does Love Look Like?

August 21, 2011Randy Christian and Steve Horrex

Ask 15 people to tell you what love looks like and you’re likely to get 15 different answers. What does love really look like? If we see love, who is doing it? Who is being loved? What is being done? This Sunday we’ll explore the Biblical foundation for a love that is pretty easy to recognize. The cool thing is, no matter what we feel when we are called on to love, in the long run, loving someone feels pretty good. Love looks like this!

Missions Emphasis: Dynamic Church Planting International

June 26, 2011Eric Helmbold and Chris McKinney

The reality that all people, everywhere need the Lord demands some response from Jesus’ disciples. Traditional “missions” have had mixed results, but there are ways to effectively reach people around the world. One organization doing such work is Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI). Join us as we hear from two of their representatives how God is using the DCPI/NOCC partnership to make disciples around the world.

Missions Sunday: Is It All About Us?

December 5, 2010Randy Christian

The commission Jesus gave his apostles, and they passed on to us, was to make disciples of all peoples. He told his disciples they would be his witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the rest of the world. In our terms that would mean starting in Orange, then OC, then SoCal—but it still ends with the rest of the world. This Sunday we’ll hear why that is so important, and how we can be part of it!

Here, There and Everywhere

February 8, 2009
Randy Christian

“Christian” literally means “like Christ”. Therefore, no Christian can be self-centered because Jesus wasn’t. That’s true of us as individual believers, and as groups or congregations. This Sunday we break from our study of Paul’s letter to the Galatians to remind ourselves of the importance of our congregation being centered on Jesus, and reaching out to the world as he commanded. Join us as we look at how we are doing this, and how we can go further!