DECATHLON: Mine, Mine, Mine

August 12, 2012Randy Christian

The concept of personal possession is extremely strong in our society. If it is mine, you can’t have it—and I have a right to do whatever is necessary to keep you from getting it! Why is theft—stealing what belongs to someone else—so important? And how can we avoid becoming part of the problem?

The New Year: This Joy Is Mine!

January 2, 2011Randy Christian

On the first Sunday of the year everything is new and promising. Some will make decisions—resolutions—about how they want 2011 to be different than the year before. Maybe the best decisions we can make is to be certain we don’t allow anything this year to separate us from the Lord—or from the life he gave us. The year is fresh and new and has the promise of joy. Let’s be sure we know how to keep that joy!