Memorial Day

Memorial Day: Real Worship

Randy Christian

Real worship isn’t necessarily what Christians from a given culture believes it is.  Sometimes it takes an experience of worship that is “out of the box” for us to realize what it can really be.  On this Sunday we will have just such an experience.  This will be the most innovative and unique worship experience NOCC has ever had.

MEMORIAL DAY: Real Worship study guide

Prayer: "Memorial Day Weekend: Prayer Lab"

Randy Christian

Memorial Day in the US is a day to remember the sacrifice of others.  But for Christians, worship is about remembering Jesus’ sacrifice.  One of the ways to do that is to talk with him—about the sacrifice, about the life he has given us, about anything.  So, on this Memorial Day we will treat our time of worship together as a lab experience in prayer!

PRAYER Memorial Day Weekend Prayer Lab study guide

MEMORIAL DAY: The Meaning of the Music

May 25, 2014Randy Christian

Christians worship on Sundays to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. In essence, Sunday is the anti-memorial day! We don’t memorialize someone who we have lost, but someone we lost and gained again when he rose front he dead! This Memorial day, let’s remember what God planned from the beginning and then brought about because he loves you so much!

Memorial Day: Worship And Remembrance

May 30, 2010Randy Christian

Memorial day is set aside to remember those who have given their lives for others. Jesus honored this gift with his highest praise. This Memorial Day we will honor and remember those who made this highest expression of love-and the greatest sacrifice ever made!