POP MUSIC: I Don't Feel Him

July 21, 2013Randy Christian

“I just don’t feel close to God anymore”. We’ve all felt this–probably even said it. Sometimes we wonder what happened, other times we wonder why He has abandoned us. This experience isn’t new–and was in fact a common theme in Hebrew music. “I Don’t Feel Him” doesn’t have to be the last word!

MYTHBUSTERS: The Greatest Love of All

May 5, 2013Randy Christian

If you want to love someone else, you first have to love yourself! Isn’t that what Jesus meant when he said we were to love others as we love ourselves? Aren’t we worth it? Don’t we deserve it? These affirmations of self sound very positive and encouraging–but are they based in reality? Is the love of self really the starting point for healthy and positive relationships with others and with God, or is that just a myth?

El Amor Más Grande de Todos
Si quieres amar a alguien, primero tienes que amarse a uno mismo! ¿No es eso lo que Jesús quiso decir cuando dijo que debían amar a los demás como nos amamos a nosotros mismos? ¿No valemos la pena? ¿No nos lo merecemos? ¿Estas afirmaciones suenan muy positivo y consoladores, pero están basadas en la realidad? ¿Es el amor de sí mismo el comienzo para las relaciones sanas y positivas con los demás y con Dios, o es sólo un mito?

Does God Really Care...About Me?

May 3, 2009Randy Christian

Does God really care about me? If so, how do I explain all the problems I’m going through, pain I experience, etc.? God cares, but he isn’t preoccupied with my happiness or immediate enjoyment of life. Instead, he is in the process of growing me and shaping me—making me more like Jesus. He cared so much for me that he died to make this possible, then gave me the Spirit to make it real.