WE ARE FAMILY: Submission

April 6, 2014Randy Christian

The world operates on authority—people telling other people what to do. Success in the world is seen as climbing the ladder of authority—being the one telling others what to do. The church is not immune to this temptation—in fact it often gives into it, accepting as a given that authority is a sign of God’s grace. But Jesus said it would not be that way with us. The key to living differently is understanding submission. But who is to submit to whom? And what does that look like?

NOT OF THIS WORLD: Homosexual Love

June 23, 2013Randy Christian

Few issues have separated people in America like the “equal rights” discussion. The Supreme Court is due to announce a decision on the legality of homosexual marriage. It will not tell us whether homosexual marriage is right, or how Christians should respond to this issue. For that we have to go to God’s word, and then we have to live it. What are out King’s views, and how should we express them?

Amor Homosexual
Pocos temas han separado a personas en Estados Unidos como la discusión de “igualdad de derechos”. El Tribunal Supremo próximamente anunciara una decisión sobre la legalidad del matrimonio homosexual. No nos dirá si el matrimonio homosexual es correcto, o cómo los Cristianos deberían responder a esta cuestión. Para eso tenemos que ir a la palabra de Dios, y entonces tenemos que vivirlo. ¿Cuáles son las opiniones de nuestro Rey, y cómo debemos expresarlas?


May 19, 2013Randy Christian

I want to know if this is the man I should marry! I am praying for God to tell me whether or not I should take this job. I am trying to decide whether to move, but don’t know if it is God’s will. I know I should be serving in the church, but I don’t know what God wants me to do! Any of these sound familiar? All of them make one basic assumption–God has a specific will for our lives, but we have to discover it! Is this true, or is it just a myth?

Quiero saber si este es el hombre con quien me debo casar! Estoy orando para que Dios me diga si debo tomar este trabajo o no. Estoy tratando de decidir si deba moverme, pero no sé si es la voluntad de Dios. Sé que debo estar sirviendo en la iglesia, pero no sé lo que Dios quiere que yo haga! ¿Algunas de esas preguntas suenan familiares? Todas esas preguntas hacen un supuesto básico–Dios tiene una voluntad específica para nuestras vidas, pero tenemos que descubrirla! ¿Es esto cierto, o es sólo un mito?

YOLO: One Flesh

February 24, 2013Randy Christian

For most people, marriage is a defining part of their life. Certainly it could be said that our decision to marry or not is one of our biggest decisions in life. And when we do marry, how will we live together? The Bible says the two become one flesh. How do we do that? A married man, Peter didn’t just speak from his own experience-he gave us the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps one of the biggest needs of people in our society is how to live as one flesh.

Una Sola Carne
Para la mayoría de personas, el matrimonio es algo muy crucial en sus vidas. Ciertamente se podría decir que la decisión de casarse o no es una de las decisiones mas grandes en la vida. Y cuando se casan, ¿cómo vivirán juntos? La Biblia dice que los dos se hacen una sola carne. ¿Cómo hacemos eso? Peter, un hombre casado, no sólo hablaba por su propia experiencia, nos dio una guía por medio del Espíritu Santo. Quizás una de las mayores necesidades de la gente en nuestra sociedad es aprender a cómo vivir como una sola carne.


October 14, 2012Randy Christian

The difference between the world and the church on the subject of marriage is so great today that the first thing a preacher has to do is define what marriage is. The temptation to go with the world’s definition—and its attitudes and practices—is huge. But the world’s success rate isn’t very inspiring. Are we any different?

DECATHLON: Broken Vows

August 5, 2012Randy Christian

Adultery is a serious problem—especially in our society. But why is adultery such a big deal? Sure, it’s wrong, but is it more wrong than anything else—or more destructive? Join us as we understand why adultery is so devastating—and how it can be forgiven and healed!

Community: Marriage?

March 20, 2011Randy Christian

Marriage is not what it used to be! In some ways, this is good news, and in some ways, it isn’t. Paul value marriage, but he also valued his single lifestyle. Are his insights still relevant today? Join us as we return to our study of 1 Corinthians with a look at the Apostle’s teaching on marriage, living single and divorce.

Life Together: Family

September 26, 2010Randy Christian

The closest human relationships are supposed to be found in the context of families. Marriage, children, brothers and sisters—those we live closest with, and with whom we have the most intense relationships. But those intense relationships are not always strong or positive. How do we build family relationships that have the strength they were built to have?

JESUS ON LIFE- Jesus on Marriage

Randy ChristianJESUS ON LIFE
“Jesus on Marriage”
September 7, 2008

Marriage has become a controversial subject. What is it? How important is it? What if it doesn’t last? What did Jesus say about it? As people in our state approach a decision about how we will officially consider marriage, it is important to learn what Jesus said and how it applies to us today!