Life Together

CONVERGE: Life Together

September 21, 2014Randy Christian

NOCC has many positive things going for it right now—many people serving faithfully, and God changing and strengthening lives. We are working together to fulfill our mission. All we need to do now is continue what we are doing, and make sure we are pulling together and in the same direction. So, today we begin “Converge“—a time to explore our mission and make sure we are accomplishing it—together.

Life Together: EGR

October 3, 2010Randy Christian

All of us know someone who is hard to get along with. Maybe it’s their personality, or their behavior, or an attitude—but getting along with them requires extra grace. How do we get along with these people? And is it possible that, to someone else, WE are those people?

Life Together: Family

September 26, 2010Randy Christian

The closest human relationships are supposed to be found in the context of families. Marriage, children, brothers and sisters—those we live closest with, and with whom we have the most intense relationships. But those intense relationships are not always strong or positive. How do we build family relationships that have the strength they were built to have?

Life Together: Friends

September 19, 2010Randy Christian

We were created to live in relationships, and when Jesus offered forgiveness and new life, he offered it in the context of community—relationships with others. And yet, even living in one of the most populated areas in the world, many find themselves lonely and friendless. How do we make friends, and how do we insure those relationships are strong?

Life Together: Start Here

September 12, 2010Randy Christian

When we talk about having “a relationship with Jesus” we try to understand it by looking at the relationships closest to us—friends, family members. But maybe it should be the other way around. Perhaps we can best understand and enter into relationships with others only when our relationship with Jesus is strong. As we begin the Life Together series, we start with our relationship with Jesus himself!