NOT OF THIS WORLD: Homosexual Love

June 23, 2013Randy Christian

Few issues have separated people in America like the “equal rights” discussion. The Supreme Court is due to announce a decision on the legality of homosexual marriage. It will not tell us whether homosexual marriage is right, or how Christians should respond to this issue. For that we have to go to God’s word, and then we have to live it. What are out King’s views, and how should we express them?

Amor Homosexual
Pocos temas han separado a personas en Estados Unidos como la discusión de “igualdad de derechos”. El Tribunal Supremo próximamente anunciara una decisión sobre la legalidad del matrimonio homosexual. No nos dirá si el matrimonio homosexual es correcto, o cómo los Cristianos deberían responder a esta cuestión. Para eso tenemos que ir a la palabra de Dios, y entonces tenemos que vivirlo. ¿Cuáles son las opiniones de nuestro Rey, y cómo debemos expresarlas?


August 19, 2012Jeremy Lee

What exactly is “bearing false witness”, and why did it make this list? We all understand (though don’t necessarily practice) the need for honesty and integrity. But what stops us from being honest—and how can we be totally honest in this society? Join us as we look at what it means to be “Liar, Liar”.


July 29, 2012Randy Christian

We all get that murder is a bad thing. But is that all we need to understand? Jesus said some strange things about what murdering someone really is, and how often we actually do this! Join us as we gain an understanding of one of the most universally accepted laws—and why we have almost all misunderstood it!

DECATHLON: Honorable Parents

July 22, 2012Randy Christian

If you grew up with loving parents, you probably already honor them. If you didn’t, you probably struggle with this. Either way, is it really that important? Did it really require of the Big Ten commands? What’s so crucial about honoring our parents? How do we do it? And what has this got to do with our faith?

DECATHLON: Sabbatical

July 15, 2012Randy Christian

“The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath”. While most of us have heard the word “Sabbath”, few actually know what—or why—it is. Of course Jesus understood it, and taught his disciples how to as well. But do we? Is the Sabbath even for us? And if so, what does “keeping” it look like? Isn’t this just a lot of “Old Testament” stuff? Join us as we discover why this commandment may be the most important thing residents of Southern California hear this year!

DECATHLON: The Good Name

July 8, 2012Randy Christian

Thirty years ago saying “Oh God!” would have been considered rude, offensive, irreverent and even blasphemous, because doing so breaks this command. Rude, offensive and irreverent it may be, but does it really violate God’s command? What exactly is “taking the name of the Lord in vain”? Do we do this? And why shouldn’t we? Join us as we look at the Good Name of God and begin to understand the awe we experience with Him.

DECATHLON: The Passionate Personal God

July 1, 2012Randy Christian

Just as parents set rules for the benefit of their children, God has given us rules by which to live our lives—rules which, if obeyed, strengthen us and draw us closer to Him. These aren’t the rules of an administrator, politician, lawyer or tyrant—but a father who wants a relationship with His children. Join us as we begin our look at the ten commandments by understanding why we have them and the person who gave them!