Last Supper

I AM NOCC: I Am Dirty

October 23, 2011Randy Christian

Are you willing to get your hands dirty? The “correct” answer to that question is obvious—but it isn’t always true. Whether we’re willing to get dirty depends on how we get there, what the “dirt” is, who has it. The question is, how dirty does Jesus want us to get, and is there a place where we say “no more dirt”?

To Believe And Live: The Most Important Dinner Party

July 25, 2010Randy Christian

We’ve all seen the pictures of the Last Supper. It is at once beautiful and mundane. All those people we have heard so much about gathered around Jesus on such an important night. Of course, the pictures are fiction and don’t really look like the real thing at all. How much more is different than our assumptions about the most important dinner party ever?