Knowing God

Is Jesus Necessary? "Is Jesus Necessary?"

Randy Christian

The answer to that question seems pretty obvious—particularly to someone who considers herself “Christian”.  But stop and think about it.  If Jesus is “necessary”, what are the implications?  What does that say about life after this body gives out?  What does it say about how I interact with people who do not believe in Jesus?  What does it say about how—and why—I decide what to think, do and say?  Does my life really show that I believe Jesus is necessary, or does my life say “Jesus might be a good idea”?

IS JESUS NECESSARY? Is Jesus Necessary? study guide

To Believe And Live: Know Him, Know Yourself

June 27, 2010Randy Christian

Who is Jesus? Who did he claim to be? Reading this passage there can be no doubt about who he said he is. He also said who we are, and the two are a package deal! Knowing Him helps us know ourselves, and knowing ourselves lets live the full life he said we could have!