Escape: "Two Judges"

Randy Christian

Jonah knew God was a just and compassionate judge—and he didn’t like it.  His response was to give God some instruction—let him know what a real judge would say in response to Nineveh.  By doing this, he not only put himself in the place of judgment over Nineveh—he set himself up to judge God Himself.  But his judgment and God’s judgment had a very different basis.

ESCAPE - Two Judges study guide


August 24, 2014Randy Christian

Jesus made it clear that not everyone who calls on his name will be accepted. That’s scary. Can we know whether we will be or not? What is this acceptance–or lack of it based on? Do we have to be good enough? How can we be sure that we are with Jesus now and forever?


August 17, 2014Randy Christian

Jesus said not to judge, but Paul chews out the Corinthians for not judging. How can these both be right? To understand, we have to understand what “judging” is, when it is appropriate and when it is not. Ultimately, what happens when we judge?