Escape: "Two Judges"

Randy Christian

Jonah knew God was a just and compassionate judge—and he didn’t like it.  His response was to give God some instruction—let him know what a real judge would say in response to Nineveh.  By doing this, he not only put himself in the place of judgment over Nineveh—he set himself up to judge God Himself.  But his judgment and God’s judgment had a very different basis.

ESCAPE - Two Judges study guide

Who Is This God?

NOCC Pastors

An Intergenerational service.  This means we will have all ages (with the exception of birth-two years old) together in the worship service so we can communicate the importance of community in the Christian body and see what God has been doing in all age groups of our congregation.

WHO IS THIS GOD? study guide

MYTHBUSTERS: The Good Person

April 28, 2013Randy Christian

Why do bad things happen to good people? How could God judge good people just because they don’t follow Jesus? The question presumes a fact not in evidence-that there are good people. Of course we all know people who seem to be not only good, but great! Yet Jesus said something very different about people, leaving us to understand something: Are there good people, or is that a myth?

La Buena Persona
¿Por qué suceden cosas malas a la gente buena? ¿Cómo podría Dios juzgar buena gente sólo porque ellos no siguen a Jesús? La pregunta presupone un hecho no en pruebas, que hay gente buena. Por supuesto todos sabemos quienes parecen no sólo buenos, pero grandioso! ¿Pero Jesús dijo algo muy diferente sobre personas, dejándonos entender algo: hay gente buena, o solo es un mito?

Community: Morality and Discipline

February 27, 2011Randy Christian

We have been told not to judge. But does this discount any possibility of accountability? And how can we hold someone accountable and still not judge them? Who are we to hold accountable, and how? And what happens to our community if we don’t hold each other accountable? Join us as we learn practical steps for living with the necessity of accountability.