Christmas People: "Shepherds"

Randy Christian

Shepherds were extremely common in first century Palestine.  So, it makes sense, but also is a little confusing, that God would grant them a special role in the welcoming of the Messiah to planet earth.  What was that role, and why did he pick common shepherds?  What should we learn from this about celebrating Christmas?

CHRISTMAS PEOPLE - Shepherds study guide


Edmund Brooks

The New Year is here, which means the glow and the hype of the holidays are soon fading, but are we loosing the joy that Christ has given us too? Our Christmas toys and gadgets are seeming less and less special each day - they are loosing their luster, but is our satisfaction in the Lord standing strong, or is it on idol things? Let us refocus our satisfaction and joy in the gifts of our Savior this New Year.

Satisfied? Study Guide

Christmas Is - Forgiveness

Randy Christian

So, do you struggle with forgiveness? Most people would see forgiveness as part of the “Christmas spirit”. But do they understand that forgiveness is actually the design of the original Christmas? Grace and Trust are given by Jesus and by us— and the result of that is forgiveness. When we understand that, we celebrate differently, because we are aware of the gift God has given us. AND we are able to pass that gift on to others because we have received it first!

CHRISTMAS IS - Forgiveness Study Guide

MYTHBUSTERS: God Has Priorities (J.O.Y.)

May 12, 2013Randy Christian

If I’m going to live my life in a healthy way, I have to have the right priorities–don’t I? Hasn’t God given me these priorities? Doesn’t my wife, or family, or kids come first? Does God set these priorities for my life–or has someone else done that? Is the idea of God’s priorities real, or just a myth?

Dios Tiene Prioridades (J.O.Y)
¿Si voy a vivir mi vida de manera saludable, tengo que tener las prioridades correctas–no? ¿No Dios me ha dado estas prioridades? ¿No mi esposa, o familia o los niños vienen primero? ¿Dios establece las prioridades de mi vida–o alguien más hizo eso? ¿Es la idea de las prioridades de Dios reales, o sólo un mito?

Treasure in Christ

January 6, 2013Edmund Brooks

We need to strive to love God above everything else. That was His intention when he made us. The fall ruined this for us, but Jesus’ death on the cross paid the way for us to return to this love! To do this, we have to be honest with ourselves and search our hearts to see if we really do love God above all else. And if you are not yet a Christian, taste and see that Jesus can give you joy that you have never known before!

THAT'S WHAT HE SAID: The Difference of 1

May 13, 2012Randy Christian

Ever hear the saying, “Only a mother could love him”? She got that from God. Sometimes we get so lost in the crowd we wonder if God could care about us. “He’s too busy to worry about me”. But He isn’t. If someone belongs to Him, He cares. This week we listen to Jesus’ story about how much God cares for each one of us!


November 27, 2011Randy Christian

Everyone wants to be happy, right? But is happiness always good? Does happiness always lead to, well… happiness? Can happiness be hard to handle? Is happiness the same as joy? Join us this Sunday as we look to the Bible for answers to a question many don’t bother to ask, but we all need to know: “How do we handle happiness?”

Woe Is Me?

August 28, 2011Randy Christian

The American Recession has produced a depression we aren’t aware of—not just economic, but emotional and spiritual. The economy has been really bad for years now, and many have struggled. And yet the Bible doesn’t seem to connect our joy with our economic status. So, when we are feeling “Woe Is Me”, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at what Jesus said about Woe and Joy and which one will color our life!

The New Year: This Joy Is Mine!

January 2, 2011Randy Christian

On the first Sunday of the year everything is new and promising. Some will make decisions—resolutions—about how they want 2011 to be different than the year before. Maybe the best decisions we can make is to be certain we don’t allow anything this year to separate us from the Lord—or from the life he gave us. The year is fresh and new and has the promise of joy. Let’s be sure we know how to keep that joy!

The ADVENTure - Joy

Randy ChristianThe ADVENTure
December 21, 2008

Real life adventures are a mixture of emotions and experiences, ups and downs. Often, we experience them as though we are watching someone else in a movie—or we are so caught up with what is happening that we aren’t fully aware of what we are feeling until it is all over. Life’s greatest adventure produces joy, but that doesn’t mean we all experience that joy. Who experiences joy—and who doesn’t? What is the difference between them? How can we all seize the joy we hear about? The answer is in the Adventure.