August 19, 2012Jeremy Lee

What exactly is “bearing false witness”, and why did it make this list? We all understand (though don’t necessarily practice) the need for honesty and integrity. But what stops us from being honest—and how can we be totally honest in this society? Join us as we look at what it means to be “Liar, Liar”.

THAT'S WHAT HE SAID: The Right Kind of Dirty

May 6, 2012Jeremy Lee

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to absorb the gospel into their lives immediately, and others seem to have the words of truth bounce right off of them? And why do some people respond so positively and later seem to go right back to the way they were? This week we open our new series “That’s What He Said” with “The Right Kind of Dirty” and learn what kind of dirty we need to be!

Community: Look Back/Look Forward

May 15, 2011Jeremy Lee

What do temptation and history have to do with each other? For thousands of years young people have imagined they are going through experiences and temptations their parents (to say nothing of grandparents!) could even image. The irony is, this is exactly what their parents—and grandparents—thought as well. In scripture, God has given us true stories to teach us so we don’t make the mistakes of those who came before us. Join us as we explore this special gift from God!


November 28, 2010Jeremy Lee

Being grateful, and then expressing that gratitude, is a major part of our relationship with the Lord and our expression of worship. On Thanksgiving Sunday we gather as a church family (First grade and up will be together in the service) to focus on what we have to be grateful for, and to express that gratitude to our God!

To Believe And Live: Who Is This Guy?

April 18, 2010Jeremy Lee

Not long into his ministry, Jesus had become so well known that he couldn’t go anywhere without people recognizing him—and talking about who he was. We do the same thing today. Is he a good man? Is he a prophet? Is he a deceiver or is he who he says he is? These are good questions, and the answers determine how we respond to him—and what relationship we will have with him.