I Believe

I BELIEVE - In Revelation

June 29, 2014Randy Christian

How do we know what is true and what isn’t? How do we know what is important and what isn’t? How do we use what God has told us about himself and his creation? Understanding not only the fact of revelation, but the content of what God has given us is crucial to anyone who wants to follow Jesus. So, before we wrap up this series, let’s focus on what Revelation tells us about Revelation!

I BELIEVE - In The End Times

June 22, 2014Randy Christian

Jesus is coming back! The world is going to end! Prepare for the end of the World! People who carry signs with these words, yelling out to those around them are generally considered to be mentally ill in our society. But are the signs right? What do we know about the end of all things? How should we respond to this? What we believe about the end will dictate how we live today, so join us as we focus on the end times!

I BELIEVE - In The Church

June 8, 2014Randy Christian

It isn’t unusual today to hear someone day, “I believe in God” (or even Jesus)—just not the church”. Is this possible? Can we really believe in God and Jesus and not believe in the church? And if we believe in the church, what do we believe it is? How can we trust it? And how do we live accordingly?

I BELIEVE - In Salvation

June 1, 2014Randy Christian

Christians in the U.S. are finding that talking about being “saved” just isn’t popular anymore. Saved from what? Do we really believe we need to be SAVED? In the 21st century do we really believe people without Jesus are condemned to Hell? It’s pretty hard to read the Bible and accept Jesus as anything short of an idiot if we don’t. On this day we’ll explore what the Bible says we need to be saved from and why—and most importantly, How!


April 27, 2014Randy Christian

“I Believe” is a big statement. It doesn’t just mean we accept something as true. It also means we trust that truth, and live accordingly. So when we say we “believe in God” we need to be aware of what that really means. Do we know enough about God to say we accept this as true? Do we trust God? Do we live a life that says “I believe in God”? As we begin this 7 part series, no question is more important than “Do I Believe In God”?

I BELIEVE - In The Resurrection

April 20, 2014Randy Christian

Easter is about many things to many people–but Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus. Do we believe this? Do we live accordingly? This Easter Sunday we will explore the difference between “observing” the holiday and really believing in the resurrection of Jesus!