I AM NOCC: I Am Contagious

October 30, 2011Randy Christian

Someone once said that in life, we fill ourselves, then bump into people and slosh out on them. The question is: with what do we fill ourselves? Do we slosh on people? None of this is accidental—we decide what we fill ourselves with and who we “slosh” on!

I AM NOCC: I Am Dirty

October 23, 2011Randy Christian

Are you willing to get your hands dirty? The “correct” answer to that question is obvious—but it isn’t always true. Whether we’re willing to get dirty depends on how we get there, what the “dirt” is, who has it. The question is, how dirty does Jesus want us to get, and is there a place where we say “no more dirt”?

I AM NOCC: I Am Priest

October 9, 2011Randy Christian

The word “priest” conjures very specific pictures, even memories for many. But what does the Bible actually say about priests, and their role for Christians? What does “the priesthood of all believers” mean, and do we really believe in it?

I AM NOCC: I Am "We"

October 2, 2011Randy Christian

How often have you heard someone say “At NOCC, we…”? Statements describing how we do things, why we do things, how we want to be known all start with this phrase. So here’s the question: When you hear that phrase, do you listen to see how “they” describe themselves, or do you hear a statement about you? Is the “we” in that statement just the people on the platform, or does it include you?