The Christmas We Forget: "Hope"

Randy Christian

If you were to ask people to sum up the “Christmas Spirit” in one word, “hope” would certainly be among the favorite responses. This hope isn’t just modern sentiment born from our need. It was part of the Christmas story from the very beginning. The Christmas event was the fulfillment of hope for the Jewish people—a way to overcome the oppression of the Gentiles who had ruled them for centuries. But the irony is it was also the fulfillment of hope for the Gentile oppressors as well. The Christmas event was and is the introduction of hope for the entire world—a hope that God has something better in store for us than what we have made for ourselves.

THE CHRISTMAS WE FORGET - Hope study guide

Parables of Jesus: "The New and the Old"

Randy Christian

Change can be welcomes or dreaded. But change does come, and, when it does, it often affects far more than what we are hoping for. Sometimes, when change needs to happen, it needs to happen broadly. How can we tell? And how can we handle the good changes?

PARABLES OF JESUS - The New and the Old Study Guide

YOLO: One Hope

January 20, 2013Randy Christian

Like many of us, Peter lost hope when his expectations weren’t fulfilled. He lived in despair-but only for a short time, because God showed him what his hope is really rooted in. We need that hope too, but there is only one hope. The good news is, it is ours for the taking. Got hope?

Como muchos de nosotros, Pedro perdíó la esperanza cuando sus expectativas no se cumplieron. Vivió en la desesperanza-pero solo por poco tiempo, por que Dios le mostró en lo que su esperanza estaba sujetada en realidad. También nosotros necesitamos esa esperanza, pero solo hay una esperanza. Las buenas noticias son que es nuestra para tomarla. Tiene esperanza?

SO WHAT? There is Hope

April 29, 2012Randy Christian

Can people change? Can someone with anger, guilt, addiction, hate, bitterness—all those things we hate to be—actually change? Some say “no”, it isn’t possible. Others wish they could change, but don’t really believe it—they don’t have hope. But there is hope. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we have hope—we can change!

The ADVENTure - Hope

Randy ChristianThe ADVENTure
November 30, 2008

Imagine you have never heard about Christmas—never celebrated Christmas. No trees, no stockings, no gifts, no carols, no church programs. You don’t know anything about Christmas—but you do know things aren’t right in the world—in fact, things aren’t right in you. You want things to be different. You want a reason to believe they can be. You want hope for the future. The coming of Jesus meant hope to the people who had heard the prophecies, and that hasn’t changed. In fact, Jesus is the only one who can bring real hope!