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Is Jesus Necessary? "Is Jesus Necessary?"

Randy Christian

The answer to that question seems pretty obvious—particularly to someone who considers herself “Christian”.  But stop and think about it.  If Jesus is “necessary”, what are the implications?  What does that say about life after this body gives out?  What does it say about how I interact with people who do not believe in Jesus?  What does it say about how—and why—I decide what to think, do and say?  Does my life really show that I believe Jesus is necessary, or does my life say “Jesus might be a good idea”?

IS JESUS NECESSARY? Is Jesus Necessary? study guide

Christian?: "What do Christians Believe?"

Randy Christian

There are as many sets of “statements of faith” in the US as there are Christians.  Each group has its own set of beliefs.  But if “Christian” is defined by scripture, then so are Christian beliefs.  What does the Bible say Christians believe?

CHRISTIAN? What do Christians Believe? study guide

I BELIEVE - In The Holy Spirit

May 18, 2014Randy Christian

The Holy Spirit is God, right? But Jesus is God, right? But God is God, and Jesus sent the Holy Spirit and prayed to God????? The nature of God is indeed hard for us mortals to wrap our heads around. One of the hardest things about this is understanding who the Holy Spirit is, how he is part of our lives, and how he works through us. This Sunday let’s forget what people say and go back to the word of God to focus on the Holy Spirit!

YOLO: One Church

March 24, 2013Randy Christian

We have many churches, many structures, many different ways of doing things today. But does this help us live our lives faithfully? The fact is, there is only one Church, and Peter is not silent about how it is to be led and what it is to do! Regardless of our opinions or preferences, the Holy Spirit has a plan for our lives as part of the One Church.

Una Iglesia
Tenemos muchas iglesias, muchas estructuras, muchas maneras diferentes de hacer cosas hoy. ¿Pero esto nos ayuda a vivir nuestras vidas fielmente? ¡El hecho es, hay solo una Iglesia, y Pedro no es silencio acerca de cómo debe ser conducida y lo que debe hacer! Independientemente de nuestras opiniones o preferencias, el Espíritu Santo tiene un plan para nuestras vidas como parte de Una Iglesia.

YOLO: A New One

March 10, 2013Randy Christian

If we only live once, we can’t afford to blow it! But we do. So, what happens when we need to change? How do we become new? Peter experienced this and through him the Holy Spirit tells us how we can become new.

Una Nueva
¡Si sólo vivimos una vez, no podemos cometer errores! Pero lo hacemos. ¿Entonces, qué pasa cuando necesitamos cambiar? ¿Cómo nos convertimos en nuevas personas? Pedro experimento esto y a través de él el Espíritu Santo nos dice cómo podemos llegar a ser nuevas personas.

YOLO: One Flesh

February 24, 2013Randy Christian

For most people, marriage is a defining part of their life. Certainly it could be said that our decision to marry or not is one of our biggest decisions in life. And when we do marry, how will we live together? The Bible says the two become one flesh. How do we do that? A married man, Peter didn’t just speak from his own experience-he gave us the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps one of the biggest needs of people in our society is how to live as one flesh.

Una Sola Carne
Para la mayoría de personas, el matrimonio es algo muy crucial en sus vidas. Ciertamente se podría decir que la decisión de casarse o no es una de las decisiones mas grandes en la vida. Y cuando se casan, ¿cómo vivirán juntos? La Biblia dice que los dos se hacen una sola carne. ¿Cómo hacemos eso? Peter, un hombre casado, no sólo hablaba por su propia experiencia, nos dio una guía por medio del Espíritu Santo. Quizás una de las mayores necesidades de la gente en nuestra sociedad es aprender a cómo vivir como una sola carne.


December 2, 2012Randy Christian

Who begat who-or is it whom? One of the more mind-numbing sections of scripture are the genealogies-the documentation of family lineages. Why did the Holy Spirit preserve such passages as these in scripture? And what does this passage have to do with Jesus? Join us as we explore Jesus’ family tree and learn why it is important to us.

Freedom's Result

April 19, 2009Randy Christian

(Galatians 5:22-23)

When a person gives herself to Jesus, she is freed. But that freedom doesn’t just exist in a vacuum. It produces a new environment, or to use another term, the freedom bears fruit. Lemon trees give lemons. Orange trees give oranges. Orange trees do not produce lemons—just oranges. The Holy Spirit produces certain qualities in the believer. What are they? What does the freed believer become? Join us for the answer.