Christmas Is - Forgiveness

Randy Christian

So, do you struggle with forgiveness? Most people would see forgiveness as part of the “Christmas spirit”. But do they understand that forgiveness is actually the design of the original Christmas? Grace and Trust are given by Jesus and by us— and the result of that is forgiveness. When we understand that, we celebrate differently, because we are aware of the gift God has given us. AND we are able to pass that gift on to others because we have received it first!

CHRISTMAS IS - Forgiveness Study Guide

Labor Day - Rest

September 4, 2011Randy Christian

Labor Day began as a way of honoring the American Labor Movement. Today, it is a holiday that marks the last big week of the summer—a time or rest and relaxation before the fall schedules begin. But too often people believe they can “rest” best away from the Lord and His people—and it isn’t true! True rest is resting in the Lord, and this Labor Day Sunday we will experience how to really rest—resting in our Lord!

What's In A Word? Happy Holidays!

December 12, 2010Randy Christian

Today it is politically correct to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. They have their reasons, and we don’t have to share them. But they have a point. There is something we shouldn’t miss—but often do—about Christmas as a “Holiday”. Join us as we consider The Holiday!