Change of Heart: "A Driven Heart"

Randy Christian

When someone is said to “have a heart” for something, it implies that this motivates him/her.  So, it is reasonable to assume that whatever motivates us truly is our heart.  So, what does that say about us?  Paul’s life was totally turned around by his change of heart.  He not only wanted to share the gospel—he believed he would be miserable if he didn’t share the gospel.  His heart was driven by Jesus’ heart.  What does that look like for us?

CHANGE OF HEART - A Driven Heart study guide


August 10, 2014Edmund Brooks

After a championship season, an athlete proclaimed “No one can ever take this away from us!”. The statement reflects the fact that we tend to fear losing what is important to us. So, what is important, and what do we do with that fear?

Treasure in Christ

January 6, 2013Edmund Brooks

We need to strive to love God above everything else. That was His intention when he made us. The fall ruined this for us, but Jesus’ death on the cross paid the way for us to return to this love! To do this, we have to be honest with ourselves and search our hearts to see if we really do love God above all else. And if you are not yet a Christian, taste and see that Jesus can give you joy that you have never known before!


January 1, 2012
The scriptures say that, when we come to the Lord, we are a new creation. But what then? Even after we know Jesus we still fail, we still muddy ourselves with our own sin. Even then, renewal is available to us. On the first day of 2012 we will worship together and submit to our Lord—and we start the new year as new creations once again.

The Heart of NOCC: Where Is Our Heart?

September 18, 2011Randy Christian

At NOCC we have six specific value statements which we hope permeates everything we do. They aren’t new, and we hope other churches share them as well. Knowing these statements will tell you something about our heart. Living them with us will change your life!