Getting it Right

GETTING IT RIGHT: Counterfaith

April 26, 2015Randy Christian

Wherever there is faith, there are counterfeits. These counterfeits are spread by false teachers for their own gain, but result in the confusion and sometimes derailing of those who have faith. The faithful need to be aware of these false teachers and not allow them to operate in the faith community.


April 19, 2015Randy Christian

Faith is not just an individual, personal thing. It arises from and feeds our relationship with one another—people who share a life of faith. In this community, not just anyone can lead. Scripture makes it clear that faith leaders must meet certain standards if the community is to get faith right.


April 12, 2015Randy Christian

Paul begins his letter to Titus with his traditional greeting. But he adds a simple and important statement—that our faith rests on hope. The hope isn’t generic—it rests on God’s promise. Getting faith right depends on that faith being founded on the right thing. 

GETTING IT RIGHT: Real Faith (Easter)

April 05, 2015Randy Christian

Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus, but when we talk about having faith in Jesus, are we including this? Paul made it clear in 1 Corinthians 15 that without faith in the resurrection, whatever “faith” we have left is worthless. We invite you to join us as we explore what this faith in the resurrection means, and how we can live it today!