SO WHAT? There Are Limits

April 22, 2012Randy Christian

As important as freedom is, sometimes the most important thing in our life is freedom curtailed. A small child with complete freedom is in grave danger. In the same way, whether we like to admit it or not, spiritually we are children, and complete freedom will destroy us. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we have limits.

SO WHAT? There Is Freedom

April 15, 2012Randy Christian

Freedom is important to Americans. We glorify those who fight for it. But is that how we become free? We all know a lot of Americans who have a kind of freedom, but live their lives enslaved to guilt, drugs, bad relationships, or just their own sin. We don’t have to be enslaved to such things. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we can have real freedom!


January 29, 2012Randy Christian

Spiritual growth often focuses on love. People from many faiths and belief systems understand this. Love is of extreme importance. But obedience? Is it really important? Doesn’t it infringe on our own freedom—which we believe is of highest importance? What is the link between love and obedience?

Community: The Problem With Freedom

March 27, 2011Randy Christian

Not too many of us are concerned about eating meat sacrificed to idols. But Paul’s discussion of this issue sheds light on how we should look at each other, and how we should be careful in using the freedom we have in Christ. What freedom do we really have? What are our “idols”, and who exactly is the “weaker brother”? Join us as we look to the Word for answers.

To Believe And Live: Spiritual Freedom

May 16, 2010Randy Christian

“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!” This is one of the most quoted statements in history—and one of the least understood. How exactly does the truth free us? Is it automatic? Is it for everyone?
What exactly is knowing the truth?

Freedom's Result

April 19, 2009Randy Christian

(Galatians 5:22-23)

When a person gives herself to Jesus, she is freed. But that freedom doesn’t just exist in a vacuum. It produces a new environment, or to use another term, the freedom bears fruit. Lemon trees give lemons. Orange trees give oranges. Orange trees do not produce lemons—just oranges. The Holy Spirit produces certain qualities in the believer. What are they? What does the freed believer become? Join us for the answer.

Palm Sunday: The Price of Freeom

April 5, 2009Dr. Randy Christian

A relationship with Jesus brings freedom from sin, from our selves, from the restrictions others would put on us. But we need to remember this freedom didn’t come cheaply. Jesus paid a great price for our freedom. Why, and how did that price purchase our freedom?

Freedom's Responsibility

March 22, 2009Randy Christian

(Galatians 5:1-15)

So I’m free? I can do what I want! No one is going to tell me what to do! Americans tend to see freedom in terms of what we get to do. But it is more than that. True freedom brings responsibility with it. Join us as we explore how responsibility perfects freedom.

Freedom: Truth and Hypocrisy

February 15, 2009
Randy Christian

(Galatians 2:1-21)

One of the scariest things Paul says is that freedom is something that can be taken away from us. It relies on truth, and when falsehood overtakes us, we are vulnerable to losing our freedom. How does this happen, and how can it be prevented? Join us as we look at truth and falsehood, and freedom!

Talk of faith is so common today it shows up in late night talk show hosts’ monologues. But what does it mean? How does faith tie us together with Christ? Join us as we see law and faith, truth and error collide, and see what happens.

Freedom To Change

February 1, 2009

Randy Christian

(Galatians 1:11-24)

Can people really change? Some say no, some think it can happen. If it can’t, then we can’t really be free—we can’t overcome the things that have chained us. But what if it really can happen? What if people really can change? Then we have hope, and the freedom we seek is really possible. Join us as we hear Paul’s personal story of change and freedom.

Freedom Truth

January 25, 2009

Randy Christian

(Galatians 1:6-10)

“That’s the gospel”, or “It’s the gospel truth”. We’ve heard this, but what does it mean? The term “gospel” means something very specific, and while there are a lot of counterfeits, there is only one true gospel. How do we know the real thing, and how do we react to the counterfeits when we see them? Join us as we look at the relationship between the gospel and freedom, and the threat that is posed to that freedom.


January 18, 2009
Randy Christian

(Galatians 1:1-5)

Could a people half way around the world and 2000 years older than us have anything in common with us? We both want and need freedom—and we both need to understand what we really need to be freed from, and who can free us. Join us as we meet these people and learn of the freedom they experienced.