Father's Day 2018: "The Good Father"

Edmund Brooks

Some of us have had amazing experiences with our earthly fathers, but some, unfortunately, have left us hurt. Thankfully, our Heavenly Father is perfect, loving, and works for the good in everything. He is the perfect Father, and on this Father's Day, we look to God as an example and guide for what a good father should be.

FATHER'S DAY 2018 - The Good Father study guide

Who Is This God?

NOCC Pastors

An Intergenerational service.  This means we will have all ages (with the exception of birth-two years old) together in the worship service so we can communicate the importance of community in the Christian body and see what God has been doing in all age groups of our congregation.

WHO IS THIS GOD? study guide

A Greater Father

May 8, 2016
Randy Christian
If we choose not to face God as judge by coming to him through faith in Jesus, who is he to us? The answer—he is Father. And not just any father, but the perfect one. The problem is we don’t always feel that. By understanding the true role of a father in our life, we understand that everything happening in our lives is being used by the perfect Father to build us into the person we were created to be!


June 15, 2014Randy Christian

When God became flesh—a man named Jesus—he talked to the one he referred to as “the Father”. What is about this role that made God identify himself with it? How can we honor these men in our lives—and why should we? On this day of honoring Fathers we meet and honor THE Father, and encourage one another to live in such a way as to point to Him!

WE ARE FAMILY: Enter The Family

February 9, 2014Randy Christian

Christians talk about belonging to a “family”. The Bible tells us that, when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, we are adopted by God, the Father. We become heirs with Jesus of the spiritual blessings he gives—and he gives us a “deposit“—the Holy Spirit.

DECATHLON: The Passionate Personal God

July 1, 2012Randy Christian

Just as parents set rules for the benefit of their children, God has given us rules by which to live our lives—rules which, if obeyed, strengthen us and draw us closer to Him. These aren’t the rules of an administrator, politician, lawyer or tyrant—but a father who wants a relationship with His children. Join us as we begin our look at the ten commandments by understanding why we have them and the person who gave them!


June 17, 2012Randy Christian

When your father asked you to do something, did you say “yes” or “no”? And did you do it? Jesus understood family dynamics and applied them to our relationship with God. On this Father’s Day we will look at his story about two sons and how we can choose which one we’ll be!


June 3, 2012Jared Prickett

We tend to focus on the son who left, partied and came back with his hat in his hands. But there are other characters that are just as important to the story. What can we learn from the brother who stayed with his father and a father that was so ready to have his son back?


November 16, 2008

Some of know what it is to be able to talk to our fathers openly, honestly, about anything. Some of us don’t know what that’s like. Prayer is talking to our Father—God—about anything, anytime—all the time. It is communication with a Father who is perfect in his love and his parenting. Join us as we focus on talking with our perfect Father.