Thanksgiving 2017: "How Do We Say Thanks?"

Randy Christian

With the budget being discussed and voted on in a few weeks, the holidays upon us and the new year around the corner, we need to understand the scriptural expression of gratitude in worship—tithing and offering to God. 

Thanksgiving 2017 - How Do We Say Thanks? study guide



POP MUSIC: He is God

August 18, 2013Edmund Brooks

God is God. He is who He is. He makes the rules and does what He wants to do. So what does He want to do? How does that relate to us and what should we do in response? The music of the Psalms celebrates God’s sovereignty.

PRACTICING JESUS: Practicing Faith

March 11, 2012Randy Christian

What is faith? Is it what we believe to be true? Is it what we trust in? Is it in the sum of those things we do because of what we believe to be true? To practice faith requires an understanding of what faith is—and what it is in. Join us as we explore the nature of faith and what it means to practice it.