Faith is Life: "Faithful in the World"

Randy Christian

1 Peter 2:13-25

We are not of this world, but we are in it.  We live in this world, we interact with it—in fact we are sent here to represent Jesus to the world.  But the way we respond to the world is based on who we are, not how we feel about the world.  Whether people in authority or just people, we relate to them as Jesus does.

FAITH IS LIFE - Faithful in the World study guide

Christmas People: "Joseph"

Randy Christian

Joseph, one of the “royal family” of Christmas, was also the outsider.  He wasn’t the Messiah—he wasn’t even carrying the Messiah.  But he was tasked with protecting the baby God became and teach him as a Father.  But we know little about Joseph and therefore tend to miss the important life lessons he teaches us in the Christmas story.

CHRISTMAS PEOPLE - Joseph study guide


April 27, 2014Randy Christian

“I Believe” is a big statement. It doesn’t just mean we accept something as true. It also means we trust that truth, and live accordingly. So when we say we “believe in God” we need to be aware of what that really means. Do we know enough about God to say we accept this as true? Do we trust God? Do we live a life that says “I believe in God”? As we begin this 7 part series, no question is more important than “Do I Believe In God”?

YOU GOT THIS: You Got This

November 24, 2013Randy Christian

As he closes his letter of encouragement Paul slips in last minute instructions. In essence he says, “You got this–and here are ways to keep getting it”. Those of us who are following the Lord know we have the main thing down–our relationship with him! But can we live better? Can we be more faithful?


November 11, 2012Randy Christian

There was a time when “America, Love It Or Leave it” collided with “America, Change It Or Lose It”. People using either phrase were convinced they were the loyal and faithful ones—and of course the others weren’t! What does it mean to be loyal today? And who and what deserves our loyalty? Can I be loyal to Jesus AND my country, my party, my community, my wife, you?

PRACTICING JESUS: Practicing Faith

March 11, 2012Randy Christian

What is faith? Is it what we believe to be true? Is it what we trust in? Is it in the sum of those things we do because of what we believe to be true? To practice faith requires an understanding of what faith is—and what it is in. Join us as we explore the nature of faith and what it means to practice it.