February 2, 2014Randy Christian

Sometimes, to stand by someone requires addressing uncomfortable issues. When this happens we learn whether we care enough about that person to confront issues that are harming them. But we don’t have to confront people! In this study we look at how (and why!) to confront issues while standing by and encouraging people.


January 12, 2014Randy Christian

In 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 Paul uses one word ten times. Why? Because it is so important! The word is “Parakaleo”, which means “called to stand by” a person. In this four part series we take a look at the fact that we are called to care about one another by standing by one another–and others we don’t even know. What we do when we stand by one another varies from situation to situation, but the most important part is simply to stand by them!

YOU GOT THIS: You Got This

November 24, 2013Randy Christian

As he closes his letter of encouragement Paul slips in last minute instructions. In essence he says, “You got this–and here are ways to keep getting it”. Those of us who are following the Lord know we have the main thing down–our relationship with him! But can we live better? Can we be more faithful?

To Believe And Live: Appear and Prepare

August 22, 2010Jeremy Lee

Jesus had risen from the dead. Wouldn’t you think that would be enough? Apparently it wasn’t. For 40 days Jesus had another mission. To appear to people, to teach, to encourage—to prepare—these were the things he made certain he did. What did his appearances accomplish, and for what did they prepare his followers—and us?