Dr- Randy Christian

Parables of Jesus: "What's In A Kingdom?"

Randy Christian

Kingdom is an almost meaningless word to Americans. So, the “Kingdom of Heaven” is doubly troublesome — not only do we have to figure out what “heaven” is, we have to then figure out how a word like “kingdom” relates to heaven. Of course the existing thing is, there IS a Kingdom of Heaven — and if we pay attention we can understand what that means!

PARABLES OF JESUS - What's In A Kingdom? Study Guide

Parables of Jesus: "Persistence"

Randy Christian

Sometimes the easy thing is to just stop — stop trying, stop talking to God, stop asking for help. But for some reason God wants us to persist, and Jesus teaches us that the very persistence we want to avoid might be exactly what we are needing.

PARABLES OF JESUS - Persistence Study Guide

What's Going On? - Aftermath

Randy Christian

It’s extremely important how we behave after this election. To the Lord, to others, and to us. In fact, how we behave is either an act of worship to the Lord or an act of refusal to worship him. What’s the difference? We’ll explore that this week as we worship together and look at the “Aftermath”.

WHAT'S GOING ON? - Aftermath Study Guide

Jesus' Humanity

January 24, 2016
Randy Christian
Jesus is 100% God. Jesus is 100% Human. And in him, there is no contradiction in that formula. His humanity is not an accident, but the result of a very intentional strategy. Learn the reasons God became human and how they help us understand him as we look at Jesus’ humanity.

Does God Really Care...About Me?

May 3, 2009Randy Christian

Does God really care about me? If so, how do I explain all the problems I’m going through, pain I experience, etc.? God cares, but he isn’t preoccupied with my happiness or immediate enjoyment of life. Instead, he is in the process of growing me and shaping me—making me more like Jesus. He cared so much for me that he died to make this possible, then gave me the Spirit to make it real.

Palm Sunday: The Price of Freeom

April 5, 2009Dr. Randy Christian

A relationship with Jesus brings freedom from sin, from our selves, from the restrictions others would put on us. But we need to remember this freedom didn’t come cheaply. Jesus paid a great price for our freedom. Why, and how did that price purchase our freedom?

Freedom: Truth and Hypocrisy

February 15, 2009
Randy Christian

(Galatians 2:1-21)

One of the scariest things Paul says is that freedom is something that can be taken away from us. It relies on truth, and when falsehood overtakes us, we are vulnerable to losing our freedom. How does this happen, and how can it be prevented? Join us as we look at truth and falsehood, and freedom!

Talk of faith is so common today it shows up in late night talk show hosts’ monologues. But what does it mean? How does faith tie us together with Christ? Join us as we see law and faith, truth and error collide, and see what happens.

Here, There and Everywhere

February 8, 2009
Randy Christian

“Christian” literally means “like Christ”. Therefore, no Christian can be self-centered because Jesus wasn’t. That’s true of us as individual believers, and as groups or congregations. This Sunday we break from our study of Paul’s letter to the Galatians to remind ourselves of the importance of our congregation being centered on Jesus, and reaching out to the world as he commanded. Join us as we look at how we are doing this, and how we can go further!


January 18, 2009
Randy Christian

(Galatians 1:1-5)

Could a people half way around the world and 2000 years older than us have anything in common with us? We both want and need freedom—and we both need to understand what we really need to be freed from, and who can free us. Join us as we meet these people and learn of the freedom they experienced.