"Resurrected Savior"

Edmund Brooks

What is the big deal with Easter? Is it more than candy for kids and a reason to get together with loved ones? We at the church believe that it is more than that. On Easter we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus. It is very important to a Christian that Jesus truly rose from the dead. We will look into the reasons why it is important to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead this Easter Sunday. Join us!

Resurrected Savior - There is no study guide this week. This week's sermon is a standalone sermon for Easter. May your reflection on Jesus' resurrection bring you hope and peace this week!

WHY BE NORMAL? Life and Death

November 4, 2012Randy Christian

Is there life after death? Do you have to believe that to be a Christian? And what will that life be like? And who gets it? And why? Doesn’t God love everyone? Doesn’t that mean we’re all going to be ok? Aren’t the people who were close to us looking over us? In the world, virtually every belief is embraced, for the simple reason that you believe it. Does that make it true? What does a Christian believe about Life and Death?

To Believe And Live: Suffering

August 8, 2010Randy Christian

The last hours of Jesus’ life are often referred to as “The Passion”. The reason is that the word “passion” used to mean more than intense desire for something—it meant intense feelings of many kinds, including suffering. Suffering isn’t a word most of us want to hear, but it was key to God’s plan. Jesus’ suffering defined his life and how he affected others. We need to understand his suffering and what it means in our lives today.