Culture of Christmas


December 21, 2014Randy Christian

By far the largest cultural influence on NOCC other than Anglo-American is that of the Latin world. Since this part of the world is made up of many countries, the customs vary. However, there are some which seem to bridge the various home countries of the Latin world. To help us understand some of these we welcome Dr. Ronald Vides, Senior Minister of Betesda NOCC, our Spanish language partner church.


December 14, 2014Stephen Ulangca

“Asian” is a term that can apply to half the planet, but at NOCC it is primarily represented by Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Filipino. Today we will explore some of the customs of these cultures and how they can point us to Jesus!

CULTURE OF CHRISTMAS: African American Christmas

December 7, 2014Randy Christian

Christmas, as we experience it, is a product of culture–and of course which culture depends on who and where we are. Many of these cultural customs enhance the celebration of the birth of Jesus–that is, if you know what they are about! In this three part series, we will explore the influence of three different cultural groups on Christmas celebration, and what they can contribute to our understanding of Christmas. We being with the African-American culture.