Community: Is Sex Sin?

March 13, 2011Randy Christian

Sex is one of the most powerful forces driving us as individuals, shaping our relationships, and influencing our society. It isn’t hard to see that our society’s values are not healthy, but what do we put in their place? Come look into Paul’s teaching on sexual relationships.

Community: Going To Court

March 6, 2011Randy Christian

America’s litigious nature is legendary. Does the Bible say anything about lawsuits? When is suing a good thing, and when should we pass? The answer flies in the face of our society’s values. What is Paul’s countercultural answer?

Community: Morality and Discipline

February 27, 2011Randy Christian

We have been told not to judge. But does this discount any possibility of accountability? And how can we hold someone accountable and still not judge them? Who are we to hold accountable, and how? And what happens to our community if we don’t hold each other accountable? Join us as we learn practical steps for living with the necessity of accountability.