Community: "Communication"

Randy Christian

The very words “community” and “communication” tell you they are related.  Communication is the sharing of thoughts/feelings/etc. between two or more people.  For true community to exist, communication must be good.  Perhaps that's why the scripture is so full of guidance on communication.  When we are effective communicators, it not only builds community between us, it helps us to reach out to those who are not part of our community.

COMMUNITY - Communication study guide

Community: "Belonging In Community"

Randy Christian

Human beings are created to live in relationship with others.  We need to be with others—we need to know we belong with others.  But Christians don’t belong in the world—the very word translated “church” in the New Testament means “the called out”.  So who do we belong with and to?  And knowing we belong, how do we related to those who feel alienated from others in the middle of millions of people?

COMMUNITY - Belonging In Community study guide


November 11, 2012Randy Christian

There was a time when “America, Love It Or Leave it” collided with “America, Change It Or Lose It”. People using either phrase were convinced they were the loyal and faithful ones—and of course the others weren’t! What does it mean to be loyal today? And who and what deserves our loyalty? Can I be loyal to Jesus AND my country, my party, my community, my wife, you?

Community: An Apostle Says Good-bye

August 14, 2011Randy Christian

What do you say when you are leaving someone, or signing off a letter which, for all you know, might be your last? Paul has given a great deal of guidance to a group of people he has known and loved. He does say good-bye, and what can we learn from this?

Community: The Collection

August 7, 2011Jared Prickett

“Charity begins at home” is a phrase that has been used as a “cop-out”-an excuse for not helping others when we are able. But we do have a responsibility to take care of of those closest to us-and to live responsibly so that we can do that. Join us as we explore how we, as a body, can take care of each other.

Community: What Will Life Be Like?

July 31, 2011Randy Christian

Christian know that this life is brief—that this isn’t all there is. Have you ever wondered what life will be like after the resurrection? This is a mystery the Bible leaves with us, but Paul gives the Corinthians some hints. Join us as we look at what life will be like for those who join Jesus in the resurrection.

Community: The Life That Faith Creates

July 24, 2011Randy Christian

There is an old proverb, “as a man thinks, so will he be”. What we believe determines what we do. So what kind of life should our faith produce—and what does your life say about what you believe? Join us as we study the implications of our beliefs on our life, and how we can take control of our life through faith!

Community: Remember The Basics

July 17, 2011Randy Christian

Real faith affects every aspect of our life, so as we grow in Christ, we learn how to live faithfully in all situations. In the midst of this, we can’t afford to forget why we belong to Jesus in the first place. After giving practical guidance about many aspects of living a faithful life, Paul feels the need to remind the Corinthians of the basics. Join us as we share in his reminder of what is most important in our faith!

Community: The Fitting and Order Clause

July 10, 2011Stephen Ulangca

To outsiders, a gathering of Christians can be mysterious and hard to understand. Even Christians from another church may find the ways of another church strange. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But God didn’t create chaos, and he expects us to act in a way that brings honor to him. Join us as we look at the provisions of the “decency and order clause”.

Community: Gifts That Work

July 3, 2011Randy Christian

We are all gifted in different ways, and even though these gifts come from God, we don’t automatically use them as God would want. How are we supposed to use the gifts he gave us? What are they supposed to be accomplishing? How do we know if we are using these gifts as God desires? Join us as we study Paul’s guidance on the use of gifts that work!

Community: The Greatest Gift

June 19, 2011Randy Christian

Ask any ten people to define love and you’ll get twenty definitions. The Bible talks a lot about love, but we can’t afford to just fill in our own definition of what it is. Paul lived this reality, and provided the Corinthians with a description of love that has come down to us as one of the most poetic and practical guides for living the Christian life. Come study his description of the greatest gift God has given us.

Community: Parts Is Parts

June 12, 2011Randy Christian

Remember the commercial, “parts is parts”? We are part of the body of Christ, but we are different parts! Some are mouths, some are eyes, some are hands-we even have a few armpits! Join us as we study God’s thoughts on the parts of the body. Understand what part you are, and why sometimes an armpit is more important than a mouth!

Community: Now About Spiritual Gifts

June 5, 2011Randy Christian

The subject of “spiritual gifts” was both dynamic and divisive, exciting and confusing the church of the 20th century. As we enter the 21st century, we can listen to God’s word and understand his plan in gifting his church. What are these gifts? Who has them? What are they for? Join us as we share Paul’s answers to these questions.

Community: Food For Life

May 29, 2011Randy Christian

Each week at NOCC we celebrate the Lord’s supper in obedience to his command to do this in remembrance of him. How did this start? Has it always been done the same way? Are their potential dangers in how we treat this special celebration? Join us as we listen in on Paul’s comments to the Corinthians and explore their application to us.

Community: Men, Women and Worship

May 22, 2011Randy Christian

The Apostle Paul has often been accused of being “sexist”. Many have noted that, if Paul is sexist, then the Holy Spirit must be as well! Is this true? What is the Biblical teaching on men and women in the church? In this passage, we explore Paul’s discussion of this issue as it relates to their corporate worship. Join us as we study this and apply it to NOCC in 2011!

Community: Look Back/Look Forward

May 15, 2011Jeremy Lee

What do temptation and history have to do with each other? For thousands of years young people have imagined they are going through experiences and temptations their parents (to say nothing of grandparents!) could even image. The irony is, this is exactly what their parents—and grandparents—thought as well. In scripture, God has given us true stories to teach us so we don’t make the mistakes of those who came before us. Join us as we explore this special gift from God!

Community: Right Or Wrong

May 8, 2011Randy Christian

Many of us in America are obsessed with our “rights”. We know them, we want them, and we intend to keep them! While this isn’t altogether a bad thing, it has its limits for the Christian. Join us as we discuss Paul’s list of his own rights, and his attitude toward keeping them.

Community: One Another

May 1, 2011Randy Christian

God’s power and faithfulness extends to helping those who belong to him to learn how to live together. As their “father in faith” Paul teaches and cares about the people of Cornith, and guides them in how to live together. Their problems are the same as ours—and God’s power and faithfulness cover us just as they covered the Corinthians!