What's Going On? - Prayer Service

Staff and Elders

Concerned about the election and what the future holds? The one thing we can do about it, that no one can take away, is pray! We are commanded to pray for our leaders, for others, and for peace. All of us who belong to Jesus need to start and finish with prayer! Join us for a special prayer service in which we will pray together for the leaders of this country, and for the gospel to be furthered through this situation.

WHAT'S GOING ON? - Prayer Service Study Guide

MYTHBUSTERS: God Will Take Care of You

April 7, 2013Randy Christian

A Sunday school teacher once asked why we are teaching our kids things that just aren’t true. He was referring to a curriculum for four year olds. The theme to be reenforced by the teachers was: “God will take care of you”. The idea, of course, was to help the children feel safe and secure in God’s love and care. The problem? Even the Sunday school teacher could see that God doesn’t always “take care” of us. People are hurt–even little children. So is this true, or is it just another myth?

Dios Te Cuidara
Un maestro de Escuela Dominical preguntó una vez por qué estamos enseñando a nuestros hijos cosas que no son verdaderas. Se refería a un plan de estudios para alumnos de 4 años. El tema siendo reforzado por los maestros era: “Dios Te Cuidara”. La idea, por supuesto, era ayudar a los niños sentirse seguros en el amor y cuidado de Dios. ¿El problema? Hasta el maestro podía ver que Dios no siempre “nos cuidara”. La gente está lastimada; hasta los niños pequeños. Entonces, esto es verdad o solo un mito?

Does God Really Care...About People Suffering?

May 17, 2009Randy Christian

Does God really care what happens to people in the world? How could he, if he allows the suffering we see and hear about? War, disease, poverty, crime, disaster—it seems our lives are filled with ways to make us miserable. Then there is eternity. Eternal suffering. Is it real? If so, how can we believe God really cares?

Does God Really Care...About The Little Things?

May 10, 2009Randy Christian

Does God really care about the little things? After all, he is God—doesn’t he have more important things to worry about than the things I say, the little decisions I make, the way I feel today? God cares about each of us—and about what happens to each of us. But he doesn’t necessarily see these things the same way as we do. He cares enough to make sure each “little thing” works together to make us more like Jesus.

Does God Really Care...About Me?

May 3, 2009Randy Christian

Does God really care about me? If so, how do I explain all the problems I’m going through, pain I experience, etc.? God cares, but he isn’t preoccupied with my happiness or immediate enjoyment of life. Instead, he is in the process of growing me and shaping me—making me more like Jesus. He cared so much for me that he died to make this possible, then gave me the Spirit to make it real.