April 27, 2014Randy Christian

“I Believe” is a big statement. It doesn’t just mean we accept something as true. It also means we trust that truth, and live accordingly. So when we say we “believe in God” we need to be aware of what that really means. Do we know enough about God to say we accept this as true? Do we trust God? Do we live a life that says “I believe in God”? As we begin this 7 part series, no question is more important than “Do I Believe In God”?

WHY BE NORMAL? Life and Death

November 4, 2012Randy Christian

Is there life after death? Do you have to believe that to be a Christian? And what will that life be like? And who gets it? And why? Doesn’t God love everyone? Doesn’t that mean we’re all going to be ok? Aren’t the people who were close to us looking over us? In the world, virtually every belief is embraced, for the simple reason that you believe it. Does that make it true? What does a Christian believe about Life and Death?

PRACTICING JESUS: Practicing Faith

March 11, 2012Randy Christian

What is faith? Is it what we believe to be true? Is it what we trust in? Is it in the sum of those things we do because of what we believe to be true? To practice faith requires an understanding of what faith is—and what it is in. Join us as we explore the nature of faith and what it means to practice it.

To Believe And Live: The End

August 29, 2010Randy Christian

John wrote his gospel for one reason, that those of us who read it would believe, and believing have life in Jesus. Now that we’ve studied through the gospel of John we need to ask a simple question. Do we believe? Do we have life? What kind of life has he given us?

To Believe And Live: Appear and Prepare

August 22, 2010Jeremy Lee

Jesus had risen from the dead. Wouldn’t you think that would be enough? Apparently it wasn’t. For 40 days Jesus had another mission. To appear to people, to teach, to encourage—to prepare—these were the things he made certain he did. What did his appearances accomplish, and for what did they prepare his followers—and us?

To Believe And Live: What Does It Take To Believe?

July 18, 2010Randy Christian

If only I could see him, touch him, hear him—and see the amazing things he did—I could believe. So many of us assume our faith would be strengthened if we had the experiences people in the Bible stories had. The thing is, it didn’t seem to make much difference to them. Many of them saw and experienced these things and still didn’t give themselves to Him. So what does it take to believe?

The ADVENTure - Hope

Randy ChristianThe ADVENTure
November 30, 2008

Imagine you have never heard about Christmas—never celebrated Christmas. No trees, no stockings, no gifts, no carols, no church programs. You don’t know anything about Christmas—but you do know things aren’t right in the world—in fact, things aren’t right in you. You want things to be different. You want a reason to believe they can be. You want hope for the future. The coming of Jesus meant hope to the people who had heard the prophecies, and that hasn’t changed. In fact, Jesus is the only one who can bring real hope!