Balderdash: Resurrection

April 24, 2011Randy Christian

The biggest day of the Christian year is based on a word many cannot believe in. Of the four words in the “Balderdash” series it is the easiest to understand. Yet it is also considered “balderdash” by many. Is it ridiculous? Or is it reality? Join us as we look at the resurrection of Jesus and it’s implications for us and for creation itself.

Balderdash: Atonement

April 10, 2011Randy Christian

As we continue our series on words which communicate major aspects of our faith, we come to a word understood by all, and yet not really understood at all. What is “atonement”? What would be different if there was no atonement? And understanding this, what should our response be?

Balderdash: Incarnation

April 3, 2011Randy Christian

What does “Incarnation” mean, and why should we care? The world says it’s nonsense, and many in the church believe it is a concept that is beyond them. What is it? Does it really have anything to do with us? Join us as we being a four part series where we look at basic concepts of the Christian faith—concepts we are able to understand easily. The reason—Jesus became one of us to make it clear!