YOLO: One Nation

February 3, 2013Randy Christian

One Nation
Since September 11, Americans have rediscovered patriotism and national pride. We are re-establishing a national identity and trying to redefine what it means to be “American”. But Christians aren’t “American”, but something else. There is only one “Nation under God”-but perhaps we need to re-establish our identity too.

Una Nación
Desde el 11 de Septiembre, los americanos han redescubierto el patriotismo y el orgullo nacional. Estamos re-estableciendo una identidad nacional y tratando de redefinir lo que significa ser “Americano”. Pero los Cristianos no son “Americans” sino otra cosa. Solo hay una “Nación bajo Dios”-pero tal vez tenemos que re-establecer nuestra identidad también.

Community: Right Or Wrong

May 8, 2011Randy Christian

Many of us in America are obsessed with our “rights”. We know them, we want them, and we intend to keep them! While this isn’t altogether a bad thing, it has its limits for the Christian. Join us as we discuss Paul’s list of his own rights, and his attitude toward keeping them.