FAITH AND FAMILY: Marriage- are there Biblical Roles?

June 28, 2015
Randy Christian

We know that marriage roles are changing in our culture. Are these roles determined by culture? What does the Bible say? Are there specific roles husbands and wives are to fulfill in marriage? 

FAITH AND FAMILY: Marriage and the “C” Word

June 21, 2015
Randy Christian

Despite the rise of cohabitation, marriage hasn’t lost its appeal. But does marriage “work”? Why do so many marriages fail? How can we be sure ours isn’t one of them? What does the Bible say about marriage, and the most important thing we can do to make our marriage strong?

FAITH AND FAMILY: The Family and the Church

June 14, 2015
Randy Christian

The Church and church are made up of smaller family units—it is, in essence, a family of families. That means there should be no families—no husbands, wives, children or parents—who have to do “family” alone! What does the Bible say about the relationship between the church and the family?

FAITH AND FAMILY: Family Strengths

June 07, 2015
Randy Christian

We have all experienced problems in marriages and families. But there is more to “family” than “problems”! What about strong families? Do they exist? And if so, what do they look like? What makes them strong? 

FAITH AND FAMILY: Why the Family?

May 31, 2015
Randy Christian

Despite changes in our culture, the family continues to be more influential on our development and well being than anything else. Is that an accident, or were we created to live in families? What does the Bible say about the creation and purpose of the family?


May 17, 2015
Randy Christian

Paul closes his letter to Titus coaching him on how to live—and how to teach others to live. Getting faith right leads to living that faith, and living that faith leads to teaching others how to live.

GETTING IT RIGHT: Faith in Grace

May 10, 2015
Randy Christian

Most Christians have heard the words “faith” and “grace”. Most Christians misunderstand them both. As we study faith, getting faith right requires understanding not just faith, but grace, and the relationship between them.


May 03, 2015
Randy Christian

Faith is usually seen as a belief in a statement of truth. While that is part of faith, real faith goes much deeper. It is alive and active. Getting faith right results in a life of action based on that faith.

GETTING IT RIGHT: Counterfaith

April 26, 2015
Randy Christian

Wherever there is faith, there are counterfeits. These counterfeits are spread by false teachers for their own gain, but result in the confusion and sometimes derailing of those who have faith. The faithful need to be aware of these false teachers and not allow them to operate in the faith community.


April 19, 2015
Randy Christian

Faith is not just an individual, personal thing. It arises from and feeds our relationship with one another—people who share a life of faith. In this community, not just anyone can lead. Scripture makes it clear that faith leaders must meet certain standards if the community is to get faith right.

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