God Is…

July 17, 2016
Randy Christian

Who is God, and what is he like? If we really understood the answers to these questions, we would talk about him—and to him—differently. God isn’t “the man upstairs” or “my copilot”. He isn’t my “buddy”—he is the all powerful creator of the universe. His character is beyond our understanding, and his power has no limits. He himself is beyond our ability to understand—but what we do understand about him tells us he is perfect righteousness and perfect love combined—he is Awesome!

I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care

July 10, 2016
Randy Christian

What’s the difference between apathy and ignorance? I don’t know and I don’t care. Of course, these don’t describe Christians, right? But how would we know? And what do we do about it if we find out these are present in our lives?


July 3, 2016
Randy Christian

In a metroplex of over 17 million people, isolation and loneliness is still extraordinarily common. In fact, one of the greatest ironies in the church is that people who are part of a community of such love and diversity can feel so alone. How do we deal with such loneliness, and realize the benefit of living in such a loving community?


June 26, 2016
Randy Christian

Temptation is common to all human beings—including the one God became. Temptation is not the problem—how we respond to it is. Why are we tempted? How can we battle this temptation? Is temptation a battle we have to fight alone?


June 19, 2016
Randy Christian

Christians fear doubt. We don’t want to be seen as “doubters”. We label people who are honest about their doubt as “shaky in their faith” or “doubting Thomases”. We have pat answers and we expect people to “put away” their doubts as though they aren’t real. As a result, many Christians deny their doubt—allowing it to build until it overwhelms them. How can we win the battle against doubt?

Mental and Emotional Illness

June 12.2016
Randy Christian

Mental and emotional illness is real—but is it spiritual? Is there a connection between mental and emotional illness and faith? How should Christians deal with these conditions in the people we love—and how should we deal with them in our own lives?

The Fight

June 5, 2016
Randy Christian

Americans admire warriors. We honor—even idolize elite military people. And sometimes we let that carry over to how we approach spiritual things. We want to fight—and we see ourselves as capable of winning the spiritual battles we encounter. But this fight is different than most of us understand. What is spiritual fighting, and how can we insure victory?

Heroes of Faith

May 29, 2016
Randy Christian


Living It

May 22, 2016
Randy Christian

After hearing everything the writer of this letter has to say, his readers needed some final—and very basic—advice on how to live it all out. That advice is just as important to us today. In the end, it is all about living out faith—faithfully!


May 15, 2016
Randy Christian

Because Jesus is so much greater than anything the Jews of the first century—or anyone since—has encountered, it is easy for those of us who know him to become comfortable. Sometimes too comfortable, thinking we can take God lightly, or even invent our own way to him. The danger of taking these roads cannot be overemphasized. The answer is to keep our focus on what God has done.

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