March 01, 2015
Edmund Brooks

Most people have heard about Jonah’s journey at sea, but what was his message? Why was that important? Also Jonah was a prophet of God, but his actions let us all know that he was a human just like us. Jonah was a real person and a study in his life will show us the tender mercy of God.

REAL PEOPLE: Testimony

February 22, 2015
Randy Christian

While he didn’t live in the time of the scriptures, Randy Christian, our senior minister is a real person ☺. On December 7th he suffered a serious leg injury in a motorcycle accident, and since then has been preaching from a wheel chair. Today he walks out (with the help of crutches) and shares his testimony of how God has used this situation to build righteousness and peace into his life (Hebrews 12:11)—and hopefully yours too!


February 15, 2015
Randy Christian

Throughout the world, Job is known for his patience. Ironic, because if you read what he said about his experiences, he wasn’t all that patient. Who was this guy, and why did all this happen to him? How did he respond, and ultimately, what lessons does the Holy Spirit have for us from the book of Job? We invite you to join us as we begin a 6 part series call “Real People”, exploring actual people from the Bible who have become legendary, but who actually were just like you and me.


February 8, 2015
Randy Christian

Ok, almost everyone talks about sex. TV, movies, the news, schools—and yes, churches. But what do we actually talk about? Too often churches’ discussion of sex is limited to “Don’t” or “Don’t tell me”. Pretty lame considering how powerful a part of peoples’ lives this is. What does the Bible say about sex and sexuality, and what does the church need to be telling people?


February 1, 2015
Randy Christian

No one talks about privacy—except to complain about when we feel ours is being invaded. We know we have a “right” to privacy. We become very uncomfortable when others get too close—or even if we get too close to others. But what is too close? Does the Bible recognize a right to “privacy”? We need to talk about it to find out what scripture says!


January 25, 2015
Randy Christian

Almost everyone knows someone—even loves someone—who suffers addiction. In fact, on any given Sunday many people in worship services themselves suffer addiction. Yet we rarely talk about it. Is it a disease? Is it a sin? How should we respond to it? On this Sunday we look at what scripture says about addiction.

WE DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT: Domestic Violence

January 18, 2015
Randy Christian

Even “non-football fans” probably have heard the problems the NFL has had because of the domestic violence incidents involving their players. A new public service announcement shows players wanting to talk about it, but feeling very uncomfortable doing so. Like most other people. This shouldn’t apply to those who belong to Jesus. So today we explore what scripture says about Domestic Violence.


January 11, 2015
Randy Christian

Churches are known for talking about certain things—and apparently for NOT talking about certain things. There are issues in our society that are all over the news and Facebook, yet are rarely discussed from the pulpit. Why is that? Is it that the Bible doesn’t address these things? Is it fear of what people will say or do in response to these issues? Whatever the reason—or excuse, it isn’t good enough. The light of the Word needs to shine, even if what it shows us makes us feel uncomfortable. So, we being a brief series called “We Don’t Talk About That” with the hottest topic in the news today: Racism.


January 4, 2015
Randy Christian

NOCC exists to facilitate a passionate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, leading to lifelong discipleship. We have heard this restated many times in the last year—because it is the reason we exist! But what does that mean for each of us individually? What part of this is for the “staff” or the “leadership”? And what does the average person in the body do to fulfill this mission?


December 28, 2014
Randy Christian

At the end of something—a game, a project, even a trip—we often review what happened, what went well and what didn’t, so we can do as well or better next time. As we finish 2014 at NOCC, this is not a time to be negative or slam ourselves. On the other hand, it does require an honest look at who and where we are. So, as we celebrate finishing 2014 together, let’s look at what God has done in us and through us, and how we can be faithful to him in the year to come!

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