Jesus Is Greater Than Moses

January 31, 2016
Edmund Brooks

Jesus’ humanity qualified him uniquely for a role only he could fill. He is THE Apostle. He is THE High Priest. He is greater even than Moses—one of the men Israel most looked to as the one who was given the Law. But Jesus is greater than the Law.

Jesus’ Humanity

January 24, 2016
Randy Christian

Jesus is 100% God. Jesus is 100% Human. And in him, there is no contradiction in that formula. His humanity is not an accident, but the result of a very intentional strategy. Learn the reasons God became human and how they help us understand him as we look at Jesus’ humanity.

Pay Attention

January 17, 2016
Randy Christian

There are a lot of things happening in our lives—we all have our own story. But we can’t afford to allow our attention to move from the one the story is really about! The price of not paying attention to God isn’t just a missed opportunity—it can be mean life itself. So, we have to pay attention!

Greater Than Prophets

January 10, 2016
Randy Christian

God is an excellent and creative communicator. He reveals himself in the Law and through different prophets. But he always planned his ultimate revelation to be through Jesus. As we begin the series on the letter to the Hebrews, we learn about Jesus, and what his life tells us about the Most High.

Worship and Praise

January 3, 2016
Stephen Ulangca

On the first Sunday of the year—as every other day—our focus needs to be on the King. When we focus on Him and reflect what we see, it is called “praise”. But most of us never praise the Lord—we just say the words. Saying “Praise the Lord” isn’t any more praising him than saying “Let’s eat” is eating. On this Sunday, we move from saying the words to actual praise to start 2016 off right.

Finishing Strong

December 27, 2015
Randy Christian

At the end of the year most of us look back on the year. Some things bring satisfaction and joy. Others bring grief and guilt. Either way, 2015 is over. 2016 is on the horizon. What can we learn from 2015 that will help us live faithfully in 2016? Oddly enough, the answers were given thousands of years ago!


December 20, 2015
Randy Christian

If Christmas is and always has been about the birth of Jesus, what does that mean for us today and in the future? How can we make sure we are focused on the Lord during this season, and not cultural diversions? How can we pass that on to others—including later generations? The world has one answer. Some Christians have another. But the “so what” isn’t different today from what it has ever been. The “so what” is Jesus.


December 13, 2015
Randy Christian

Celebrating Christmas in the United States today has become complicated. We are a diverse culture—and there is a great deal of difference even among Christians. But Christmas isn’t about how we celebrate—it is about who we celebrate. Today, we need to focus on who Christmas has always been about—and still is!


December 6, 2015
Randy Christian

The way we celebrate Christmas depends on culture—even society’s mood. But “the good old days” aren’t necessarily any better—or Biblically true to what Christmas is about. Christmas has never been about a “Christmas Spirit”, family, or good will. Christmas has and always will be about only one thing—the birth of God who became flesh.

All Scripture

November 29, 2015
Randy Christian

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