August 17, 2014
Randy Christian

Jesus said not to judge, but Paul chews out the Corinthians for not judging. How can these both be right? To understand, we have to understand what “judging” is, when it is appropriate and when it is not. Ultimately, what happens when we judge?


August 10, 2014
Edmund Brooks

After a championship season, an athlete proclaimed “No one can ever take this away from us!”. The statement reflects the fact that we tend to fear losing what is important to us. So, what is important, and what do we do with that fear?


August 3, 2014
Randy Christian

“Pious” isn’t a word most of us would like to have applied to us. It conjures up a picture of a “holier than thou” attitude. Yet the word just means to live according to our faith in God. So, what does “piety” really look like, and how can we have that piety without an attitude that makes it hypocritical?


July 27, 2014
Randy Christian

We probably all have enemies, and the likelihood is we don’t like them! So, how do we act toward them? What does Jesus want to happen when we’re confronted with the desire–and the opportunity–for payback? What’s the one way we can insure our enemies don’t control us?


July 20, 2014
Randy Christian

Appearances are important–especially in our society! We pay a lot of attention to what is on the outside–including our behavior–and that’s a good thing! But what about what’s on the inside? How do we look inside, and does it make a difference? That difference is often defined by the gap between the “spirit” and the “letter”!


July 13, 2014
Randy Christian

Most people want their life to “taste good”–that is to have flavor, excitement, meaning. How does this happen? And if we find out life has gone tasteless, can we do anything about it?


July 6, 2014
Randy Christian

The pursuit of happiness is a right, according to the American founding fathers. So, why are so many people unhappy? Does it matter? Jesus began his first major public teaching with a set of statements that were–and still are–contradictory to what most of the world believes about how to be happy and “blessed”.

I BELIEVE – In Revelation

June 29, 2014
Randy Christian

How do we know what is true and what isn’t? How do we know what is important and what isn’t? How do we use what God has told us about himself and his creation? Understanding not only the fact of revelation, but the content of what God has given us is crucial to anyone who wants to follow Jesus. So, before we wrap up this series, let’s focus on what Revelation tells us about Revelation!

I BELIEVE – In The End Times

June 22, 2014
Randy Christian

Jesus is coming back! The world is going to end! Prepare for the end of the World! People who carry signs with these words, yelling out to those around them are generally considered to be mentally ill in our society. But are the signs right? What do we know about the end of all things? How should we respond to this? What we believe about the end will dictate how we live today, so join us as we focus on the end times!


June 15, 2014
Randy Christian

When God became flesh—a man named Jesus—he talked to the one he referred to as “the Father”. What is about this role that made God identify himself with it? How can we honor these men in our lives—and why should we? On this day of honoring Fathers we meet and honor THE Father, and encourage one another to live in such a way as to point to Him!

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