September 25, 2016

Randy Christian

It seems, now more so than ever, that the issue with gender identity among individuals is on the rise. With such a prominent situation being addressed on the daily news, in the schools, and in our work spaces, how are we, as a congregation, supposed to address gender identity and those who have been questioning their own? 



September 18, 2016

Randy Christian

Racism is still prominent today. Despite the nation’s best efforts to move forward with equality among all men, it still has struggled with these goals. Therefore, as a body separate from the nation and this world, the Christian congregation must also combat such a strife with the love of God. What should the church do (not just the leadership) in response to racism? Is it present in worship today?


September 11, 2016

Randy Christian

Why do these things happen? Why does God allow them? How can people do these things? Do we have to live in fear? And how do we respond to others in light of the fear that has grown in the U.S. and in the world? Join us for worship on Sunday to find out and discuss these vital topics.

Labor Day: Serving God

September 4, 2016

Randy Christian

Join us this week for an inside look in to what serving God looks like today, such as in ministry, congregational worship, and being a servant. 



Celebration of Ministry: Welcome, Callie! We will Miss You, Sheri!

August 28, 2016

Randy Christian

Join us as we pass the “baton” of Children’s Ministry from Sheri VanderKam to Callie Coe. We celebrate the exciting new adventures for Sheri as she is received by her new church, Hillside, and we will pray for both Sheri and Callie as they work to fulfill their new positions.

I Don’t Like You

August 21, 2016

Edmund Brooks

Many of us don’t think of having enemies—or if we do, we see them as distant (foreign terrorists, etc.). But an enemy is anyone who sets themselves against us—and there are many who do this. Jesus’ countrymen fully understood “enemy”, and were amazed that Jesus could say the way to treat these people was to love them. How do we do this? What does “loving your enemy” look like today?


August 14, 2016
Stephen Ulangca

Anywhere in the world you will see people striving to be great. More money, more power, more influence, more fame—all more than others. These are the things we believe make people great. Even the greatness of churches are measured by whether they have more people, more buildings or more money than others. But Jesus said this was the world’s approach, not his. Instead, if we are to be great, we have to become the servant of everyone.

He Is God and I Am Not

August 7, 2016
Randy Christian

In the end, our view of God will always be mundane if we see him in human terms. If we attribute human emotion and characteristics to him—and insist on seeing him through our own experiences and characteristics (“if it were me…”) God will never awe us. We have to recapture the truth of this basic statement: He is God, and I am not.


July 31, 2016
Randy Christian

Throughout scripture God’s people have been encouraged to remember God’s work in their lives and in their history. This theme carries all the way to Jesus’ last night before the crucifixion when he told his followers to remember his sacrifice—and gave them a way to do that. Why is remembering these things so important? What do we need to remember in order to recapture the sense of awe before God?

Falling in Love Again

July 24, 2016
Edmund Brooks

Why do so many people seem to be apathetic about God? Why do we lack passion for our relationship with him? What difference does it make? And can we do anything about it?

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