Tavriski Christian Institute
A conservative evangelical institution of higher education located in the Ukraine

President of TCI: Valentin Siney
Partners’ Liaison: Anya Skurikhina

Dneprovskaya St 74
P.O. Box 39
Antonovka Kherson 73485
Website: tci.org.ua

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TCI Outreach to Soldiers in Crimea

We think that today a Christian leader needs serious preparation in order to become an effective minister. Such preparation can be accomplished only through systematic education. Therefore, Tavriski Christian Institute’s activities are aimed at providing the local churches of Ukraine and other former USSR republics with well-educated and spiritually mature ministers, who are aware of the important role of education and are capable of developing this training in their congregations.

TCI strives to meet the needs of the churches by developing the programs and forms of teaching for people of different ages, backgrounds, and ministry experiences. We aim at creating necessary conditions for the academic, practical and spiritual formation and growth of students and helping them discover their gifts in order to become useful for the Church and God’s Kingdom.

Currently, Tavriski Christian Institute hosts more than 120 students of 5 different evangelical denominations. TCI is a big Christian family that consists of people of different ages, temperaments, backgrounds, and main interests. However, they all are bonded together by the common goal of serving Christ. Some of the students are pastors and missionaries, leaders of various ministries, the others are simply young people who have made a decision to commit their whole lives to God and feel the need to be well-equipped for his work.

Today TCI is living proof that an interdenominational partnership of Christians is possible. It is also a convincing argument to support the idea of the importance of the education for the church leaders. TCI is not just another educational institution of local significance. The majority of our students come from Kherson, Nikolaev, Sumy, Kharkov, Dniepropetrovsk, Zaporozhie, Karakalpakia, faraway Siberia, and Russia.

TCI Ministry in Georgia
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