North Orange Christian Church is committed to being a part of fulfilling the commission Jesus gave us to make disciples of all nations! We believe this is done both at home and abroad. To bring this about, NOCC supports missions both at home and abroad in a number of ways:

Direct missionary support: We financially support numerous missionaries around the world.
Personal support: In additional to financial support, we attempt to provide personal support to missionaries including prayer, encouragement, emails, etc.
Support of indigenous efforts: Several of the missionaries we support are committed to training and facilitating the ministries of nationals in their own countries. This is seen as a high priority for NOCC, because it provides a much more effective use of our funds, and recognizes the fact that people are usually more capable of reaching their own country than "outsiders" are.
Short term missions: We provide support and encouragement to missionaries on the field through short term mission teams. These teams also provide an opportunity for concrete (sometimes literally!) efforts at showing love in practical ways such as teaching, building and providing supplies to people in other countries. The most obvious effect of these efforts is to increase our awareness of the need to fulfill Christ's commission, and our commitment to doing so!

To receive updates from our missionaries around the globe send us your email address by clicking here.

Click on the links below to find out more about missionaries and organizations that we support on a regular basis.

We have other missionaries whose safety and mission could be compromised by putting their names on the internet. More can be learned about them by signing up for the missions update list (open to members and attendees of NOCC). You can sign up on the back of your Response Card on Sunday morning.
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