Ministering in Bukit Indah, Ciputat, Tangerang near Jakarta, Indonesia on the Island of Java

Robert C. (Bob) October 9
Janice K. (Jan) May 9

We have five children: Becky, Rob, Mike, Tim
and Sheri and ten grandchildren

Wedding Anniversary:
July 8, 1960

July 9, 1974

Indonesian Christian Mission
870 Vermont Street,
Gridley, CA 95948
(forwarding agent Scott K. McMillan)
Phone: (408) 230-6424

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Dear friends and supporters,

We enjoyed Christmas with our five youngest grandsons, but immediately after Christmas we plunged into the chaotic process of moving from one side of the world to the other. It is not like vacation; its like a permanent relocation. The last six weeks have seemed like we were on fast forward. Praise God we are seeing some positive results for the kingdom of Christ and even almost catching up on office work.

Read about some of the good things happening in the attached newsletter.

God Bless You All,
Bob and Jan MacLean

We are working to develop a group or network of mutually supportive churches who are self-reliant spiritually, economically and emotionally. A concise statement would be in planting and nurturing commitment to Jesus Christ in the hearts of Indonesians, and teaching them to become mature, independent adult Christians who by the purity of their lives, reliance on God alone, and verbal testimony show the light of evangelism to their world. Our theme scripture is every phrase of Matthew 28:19-20.

At present we are engaged in teaching in two different Bible Colleges, translating a major commentary on the church and training and developing evangelists who are involved in church planting in Jakarta, in West Java and in the closed province of Aceh.

We have three new baptisms at Ciracas, more pending soon, and pending baptisms in Aceh. The church at Ciputat has just undergone a conceptual change which promises a stronger church. We have one of our early graduates to thank for real progress due to a week of meetings held this May. He has helped us point the evangelists toward trusting Christ alone for their needs. Our authority lines between the evangelists and candidate elders and elders are more specific and stronger. The preaching point churches and evangelists now have a more realistic understanding of their needs and responsibilities and now our evangelists have new hope. Our long-term translation project of the book The Scheme of Redemption is closing in on phase two which will be committee review and classroom study before final publication. Our ICM board of directors has done several fine things for us in terms of structure and lines of accountability, and the present Executive Council is building on this foundation giving us present support and helping us reach out to the next generation of candidate missionaries.
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