Tom Khazoyan
Khazoyan Family
Former members of NOCC

Tom: April 18
Cara: October 21
Caleb: July 1
Jenna: July 13
Amy: May 16

June 1, 1985

September 1997 (moved to CO in March ’99)

10X Productions/PIONEERS (a team that is part of PIONEERS)
10 W. Dry Creek Circle
Littleton, CO 80120
Phone: 303-459-5393 (office)

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Our vision is to see imaginative human expression, specifically through visual media, become a key part of strategies for planting churches among unreached people groups. We will see visual storytellers raised up to become church planters and have key roles in church planting teams to communicate the fullness of Christ and the Gospel among all people groups. Why?: Every culture has creative people (musicians, artists, filmmakers, etc.) who, perhaps even more than academics and politicians, are the major culture shapers and influencers. In every unreached people group, we must reach these creative influencers and see their stories change to reflect the truth of the gospel of the kingdom or we won’t see that gospel effectively penetrate their culture. For this reason, creative expression must be a part of church planting strategies.

We exist to see the visual media arts and artists be fully utilized as a vital part of communication of the gospel among unreached people groups. We accomplish this through the following activities:
-Discipleship, nurture and equipping of visual storytellers to see them strategically involved in world evangelization, with a special emphasis on reaching unreached people groups.
-Production of culturally relevant, strategic, and useful visual media resources to enhance these efforts.
-Facilitation of media strategies with existing and new church planting teams.
-Collaboration and mentoring of majority-world arts ministries and artists for the purpose of church planing, discipleship, evangelism.

As the Team Leader for 10X Productions, Tom is responsible for setting vision and guiding our team’s projects. Tom travels overseas for special projects like training in short film production and long-term collaboration with other partner ministries and networks. A portion of Tom’s time is spent in mentoring and recruiting people who help with larger projects. This is a key part of our mission, as some of these people will discover their larger role in Christ’s Kingdom, whether through vocational ministry, or in the ‘secular’ workplace. Close to home, Tom meets regularly with emerging filmmakers in a mentoring process and is also teaching filmmaking to some home-schooled high school students as part of this ministry to envision and equip young people for world evangelization.

We are excited with developments this year. Our past, large film project, The Enemy God continues to gain distribution worldwide (11 countries so far). We have many open doors for new work all over the world. For instance, last summer we began a relationship with a ministry in Tanzania that resulted in the completion of music videos that have been playing all over East Africa. We are now working with that same organization to help develop a larger film project that will bring a cross-cultural story from the Maasai to audiences in Africa and in the West. We have numerous requests for us to come alongside similar ministries to help them develop better media skills.

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