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Welcome to our Early Childhood area - KidzKorner! The KidzKorner is designed to provide a safe loving environment for kids where we can begin to help parents introduce basic biblical truths.

For your child's safety, our KidzKorner is equipped with a computerized check-in system and pagers. When you arrive you will be greeted by one of our check-in assistants, who will give you a name tag for your child, an asset tag for any bags they may have with them, a parent pick up tag with a random alpha-numeric ID that will be checked when your child is picked up, and a pager. At this time please let us know if your child has any special needs we can provide for while we care for your child. If the pager vibrates during the service please return to the KidzKorner to see what is needed.

At the end of service please feel free to take your time, talk with friends and enjoy a doughnut and coffee. When you pick up your child we ask that only you and/or your spouse enters the KidzKorner area; please no other family members or friends. After you have picked up your child please make sure to drop off the pager at our children's cart, and we will see you the following week.

KidzKorner - Nursery

Welcome to the Nursery; our special place designed just for infants.

We want you to know that your child is safe and secure in our program as you worship with us.
We wish to ensure the safest, cleanest environment for everyone who joins us. To help with this we have provided some guidelines for the nursery:

Diaper Bag
Please bring a change of clothes (just in case of an accident), diaper, and any other special items your baby might need.

Please provide any bottles, formula, or special instructions to our staff. We are happy to care for your child in this way.

If you are nursing please feel free to sit in our nursery. We have rocking chairs and a changing table you are welcome you to use.

If at any time you are concerned about the health of your child, we ask that you not bring them into the nursery. Please avoid the nursery if your child has:
Discolored Nasal Discharge
Persistent Diarrhea
Any potentially contagious condition

Kidz Korner - 2's & 3's

One of our busiest classes; we try to keep our toddlers on their toes with music, fun games, small craft projects and basic Bible stories.

We use a program called FaithWeaver for Bible lessons and craft pages. Through the lessons we are able to present age-appropriate, memorable lessons that help kids learn about the love of God.

Kidz Korner - PreK/K

The Pre-K/K classroom provides a large area where kids can explore, play, sing, and learn about the love of God through games, music and Bible lessons.

This class spends a little more time on the lessons than the 2's and 3's and the children are provided with an age-appropriate craft project that will help model the lesson in a tangible way. This also helps them to remember the lesson through the week, and we encourage you to display it in a special place at home.

Kidz Korner - Baby/Child Dedication


Dedicating your child to the Lord is a way of expressing your commitment to the Lord as parents, an opportunity to stand before the congregation and commit to raising your children in a godly way, and an opportunity for the congregation to express their commitment to stand with you as you raise your child in the Lord.

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