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KidzBlast 9:15am

Our first Sunday morning service begins at activity stations with crafts, games, coloring, singing and other enjoyable activities.

Kids will then spend time in small groups connecting with adults and beginning to be introduced to the day's lessons. This will be followed by a large group teaching time which is presented in various creative ways filled with illustration and application to the kids' lives.

KidzBlast 11:00am

Our 11:00 service continues the festivities with a teaching time interspersed with DVD presentation of songs, questions and skits.

Throughout the hour kids will hear teaching they can apply to their everyday lives that is different than the first service. Kids wrap up the lesson with small group activities and large group games.

KidzBlast -1st thru 3rd grades

KidzBlast is an exciting, child-targeted, safe place with relevant application-oriented Bible lessons.

KidzBlast is for our 1st - 3rd grade children. These lessons are taught in creative ways through puppets, drama, media and illustrations. KidzBlast also incorporates small groups where kids can connect with leaders and apply the lesson to their lives in a more personal way. All these things are presented in slightly different ways through all 3 services so check out the links above for each service to learn more.

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