Christmas Series
if you ask 20 people what Christmas is all about, you'll probably get 30 different answers! But, if we really want to know what Christmas is all about, all we have to do is look up scripture. Christmas is the day God became flesh. He wasn't embarking on adventure. He was taking strategic steps to save humanity. To understand this, we need to understand what Scripture says Christmas is all about -- and how we can faithfully respond to it!

December 11th
So, do you struggle with forgiveness? Most people would see forgiveness as part of the "Christmas spirit". But do they understand that forgiveness is actually the design of the original Christmas? Grace and Trust are given by Jesus and by us-- and the result of that is forgiveness. When we understand that, we celebrate differently, because we are aware of the gift God has given us. AND we are able to pass that gift on to others because we have received it first!

December 18th
For most people, the idea of Christmas being a celebration is pretty natural. After all, we have school Christmas parties, office Christmas parties, church Christmas parties, family Christmas gatherings ... and we do celebrate! However, we don't always know what we're celebrating, and we don't always know the right way to celebrate. For some, Christmas celebrations are among the most stressful and depressing time of the year! This shouldn't be-- and it doesn't have to be.

December 25th
"Birthday Party for Jesus"
This year of Christmas falls on a Sunday. We do not miss our worship services or say things like, "Christmas is about family", because it isn't! Christmas is a birthday-- Jesus' birthday! It isn't about me, you, or our families. It's about HIM! So, this year instead of having our normal services, we will worship the Lord by celebrating His birthday with a big Birthday Party for Jesus!

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