July 5
Faith and Family
Marriage: Got Skills?
Making a marital commitment is one thing. Fulfilling it is another. There are some aspects of marriage that are more important than others because they allow us to strengthen the entire marriage. Does the Bible give us any guidance on the skills that help us keep our marriage commitment?

July 12
Faith and Family
Sex and Marriage
Most people know that Biblically, sex is designed for marriage. And most of them assume that concept is outdated—even unhealthy. As the average age of marriage grows later and later, the acceptance—even expectation—of sexual activity outside of marriage is more and more common. Does the Bible say what people think it does about sex? And is that practical today?

July 19
Faith and Family
In the typical congregation in the U.S., half of the adults have been divorced. This affects them, their children, their families—and their churches. Is divorce an inevitable part of marriage today? Is divorce even a bad idea in many marriages? What does the Bible actually say about divorce?

July 26
Faith and Family
The Purpose of Parenting
Expectations of parenting change from culture to culture and through time. Today, many (most?) young people grow up not knowing what healthy parenting looks like. So, what is healthy parenting? What is the purpose of parenting? Does the Bible actually address this, or are we left to figure it out on our own?

August 2
Faith and Family
The Parenting Tool Box--Prevention
Knowing the purpose of parenting doesn’t tell us how to do it! And of course, there is no manual—or set of manuals—that systematically sets out “God’s Way” of parenting. There is however a wealth of scriptural teaching that guides us—a tool box offering a number of ways to disciple our children. The first is to recognize that “discipline” is not always “correction”. It involves training our children in such a way as to prevent problems as well! What does the Bible tell us about this proactive training?

August 9
Faith and Family
The Parenting Tool Box--Correction
Only one child in history has grown to adulthood without sin. So as parents we can take it for granted that we will need to correct our children from time to time in order to set them back on the right track. What does that correction look like, and what does the Bible tell us about correcting our children as disciples?

August 16
Faith and Family
A generation ago, adoption is what happened when a couple wanted children but couldn’t have their own. Today, many young couples—and singles—see adoption as a mission. What is adoption really about, and why is it so important for Christians to understand? What does the Bible tell us about adoption?

August 23
Faith and Family
Family Problems
We have all experienced family problems of one kind or another. What are the most common family problems today? What guidance does the Bible give us in dealing with these problems?

August 30
Faith and Family
Alternative Families
The “traditional” family has probably never really existed. But today we are more aware of non-traditional families—we even create some new categories! Are these really families? Does the Bible say anything about these families?
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