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Parables of Jesus: Small Story, Big Idea
Jesus was a master teacher, and one of his tools was the parable. A short story with a central point, a parable brought that point home in a way that could be understood and remembered. The truth of theses parables doesn't change. So, today, they are still small stories with big meanings!

February 26th
(Luke 12:13-21)
It is easy to make assumptions based on our own experiences -- particular assumptions about our personal lives. But we all know assumptions can get us in trouble, and it is dangerous to assume without checking it out.

March 5th
"What's in a Kingdom?"
(Luke 13)
Kingdom is an almost meaningless word to Americans. So, the "Kingdom of Heaven" is doubly troublesome -- not only do we have to figure out what "heaven" is, we have to then figure out how a word like "kingdom" relates to heaven. Of course the existing thing is, there IS a Kingdom of Heaven -- and if we pay attention we can understand what that means!

March 12th
"Lost and Found"
(Luke 15:8-32)
You know how important something (or someone) is to you when you lose it. So, if you lose it, what you do sheds light on how important it really is! What has Jesus done, and what does that say about how he thinks of you? Knowing the answer can change your life.

March 19th
"Bad Managers"
(Luke 16:1-15)
Are you an owner or manager? It's a trick question! But the answer lies in understanding the parables about bad management in Luke 16.

March 26th
"Is This All There Is?"
(Luke 16:19-31)
Every human being has one thing in common -- there will come a time when his life on earth ends. Sounds heavy -- even somber -- but it is true. So the question is, what then? And does anything that we do now affect what happens then? Jesus gave us the answer in a story.

April 2nd
(Luke 19:11-27)
Here are some basic questions about life: What do you have? How did you get it? What have you done with it? What will you end up with? The answer to these questions are determined by the substance of our lives -- and the good news is, we get to determine that!

April 9th
(Luke 20:9-19)
If we don't really own this life, who does? And when we find out who does, how does that affect how we live? Many of us think "It's my life, and I"ll do what I want." So how's that working for you?

April 16th

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