November 29
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December 6
The Unchanging Christmas
It Never Was
The way we celebrate Christmas depends on culture—even society’s mood. But “the good old days” aren’t necessarily any better—or Biblically true to what Christmas is about. Christmas has never been about a “Christmas Spirit”, family, or good will. Christmas has and always will be about only one thing—the birth of God who became flesh.

December 13
The Unchanging Christmas
It Still Is
Celebrating Christmas in the United States today has become complicated. We are a diverse culture—and there is a great deal of difference even among Christians. But Christmas isn’t about how we celebrate—it is about who we celebrate. Today, we need to focus on who Christmas has always been about—and still is!

December 20
The Unchanging Christmas
So What?
If Christmas is and always has been about the birth of Jesus, what does that mean for us today and in the future? How can we make sure we are focused on the Lord during this season, and not cultural diversions? How can we pass that on to others—including later generations? The world has one answer. Some Christians have another. But the “so what” isn’t different today from what it has ever been. The “so what” is Jesus.
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