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Whether they are topical, or textual, the sermons at North Orange Christian Church are always biblical. Each sermon is based on scripture and presented in a very straightforward way which encourages listeners to not only take in the sermon but go home and “Read It!” to make sure they are being taught the truth and to further a personal relationship with Christ. We encourage you to listen to the sermons on our website to get a feel for how they work, and how they can help you.

We have over a couple year's worth of past sermons available to listen to on the website. Just click the "Past Sermons" box below and choose the sermon. We have descriptions available for sermons before that. If you would like to hear one of those sermons, email the church office at and we can email you a copy.

Get a preview of what's coming up by clicking the box "Upcoming Messages".
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What you'll need
To listen to the recorded sermons on your computer, just click the play button once (or twice) and the message will begin playing.
If you would like to download an mp3 copy to listen to later, email to a friend or put on your mp3 player, just right-click on the link that says mp3 and select "Save Target As". Follow your computer's directions from there.
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